Feb. 10th, 2012

sephirajo: (Bethoveen Trashes Hotel)
Sigh. Gaming forums. Reminding me why I don't tell anyone I'm a girl unless I'm tired of being called 'bro' all night.

"I roll girls to stare at their asses!" "I roll girls to GET FREE STUFF!" (no seriously, MORE THAN ONE GUY SAID THIS) "Girl toons are guys, IRL."

And when I mentioned that unless they're calling their male toons 'boys' using 'girls' is pretty disrespectful (doubly so when coupled with everything that was being said) I got "lol, these two girls who work for me are totally okay with me calling them girl so you're just being over-sensitive. By the way, the phrases 'boy toy' and 'man meat' (neither of which I used) offend me!"

When I confronted guys on the second one they were all like, "No, seriously, only girls do this!" (Despite up thread there being at least five separate examples of men going 'we roll girls to get free stuff.')

I give up. I will go back to what's actually important re: the game. Playing the damn game.

In other news, I still feel like someone is trying to pry my joints open with a crowbar. OWWW.


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