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Still in kind of a blah mood. Hubby is napping, I think the baby just woke up and work seriously tried to kill me.

Top that up with a bad night last night (I woke up about 1AM curled up in a little ball on the couch, hurray emo fits) and a hell of a day at work today complete and topped with a fair amount of pain and we have a mood that I'd rather not replicate.

I thought today I'd go to the Source, one of my Three Places I go and get myself another one of the figures to cheer me up.

No luck. All gone. Stupid Limited Editions meaning both limited in number and time of sale. I wanted a fucking Quicksilver and a couple other random mutants.

Instead, I got Yuyu Hakusho volume 2 and three, House of M: Civil War 1 & 2. (Red, there are pages in 1 I totally, totally HAVE to scan for you later.) And Runaways Vol 3, No 2.

(I swear to god I can type.)

Spoilers )

Vivi's up now and is describing her situation to me. "Baby cry. Baby cry hard. Baby up." And now, "Elmo! That that!"

I have no idea what she's saying other than 'Elmo.'

I wanna write something but I have no idea what.
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Vivi's first word is "up." Said, "uhhhhhpah."

Not "mommy." Not "daddy."


Most kids go mama or dada first. Not up...

Then again, this is a kid who hates laying down. Who will not peacefully go to sleep no matter what.

So, I guess it kind of makes sense that her first real word is 'up.'

Still... up?

However, first word at seven months, how cool is that?
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I am SO supremely bored. At least Vivi is cute. Like beyond belief cute. I should edit photos and such. Selena is coming over to help out and I ordered pizza, all goes well I'll be doing Laundry most of the night tonight.

I do feel though I have to ask: Where the forkity fork is everyone?


Mar. 25th, 2007 07:08 pm
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I am really, really not feeling it right now. What it is, I'm not entirely sure, but I'm not feeling it. I feel very out of it. I wanted Chuck to stay home, but it's his game night and I shouldn't ask him to stay home just for my benefit. He needs time out with his friends.

I love my baby dearly, but I can't help but to think I'm doing something wrong. That I'm always doing something wrong.

That there's something wrong with me, maybe. And for some reason this always happens on Sunday.

I don't like being alone, even with Vivi here, I'm still alone. Which sounds retarded as I type it out, doesn't it?

Moral of this story: Life sucks, and I don't have the will power to keep my husband from playing D&D every Sunday.


Mar. 23rd, 2007 05:42 am
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Yes Vivi, momma loves you too, but why did you stay up until I put you in the swingy chair at 4am?

[ profile] evilwildlex, I hope you're okay.

Randomly, I've started watching Heroes.

I feel dead and pukey...anyone wanna take my place at work today?
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Damn you WoW!!! I totally fucked my Shammy quest for my Draneai.

Stupid shammy.

In other news, I go back to work on Monday. Hurray for no more home induced insanity! Boo for not being able to take Vivi with me. T_____T

Though I got her picture in a locket. Hopefully I'll be getting a raise though. That will be most cool.

Oh, anyone on my FLIST looking for game time, come join the X-Men board I co-mod, damnit!

I've been bored, and I've been very, very bad. But I wrote a ficlet last night, for which I got no reviews yet on And it's a series that I normally get a lot of reviews for...

Oh well, I'll try some other writing. Or something.


And stuff. My Penguin, Mortimer Kahn and the monkey 'Biney' that sit on my computer are telling me to write things...

Or that could just be the insanity speaking. My mom in law is here helping out with Vivi, and the free time is totally worth it. I'll like having money again.
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Right now, I'm a stay at home mom. I'm fine with that. I'll watch Vivi while you're at work. But you said you'd help out tonight. Helping out is not watching her for three hours for me to get a nap and then pawning her back off on me. Lets compare and contrast... you watch her for three hours when you get home so I can take a nap and shower.

I've watched her for about 48 hours straight at that point with NO sleep. To top matters off, I have a migraine and can't take my medicine for it.

Your three hours before bed IS NOT help. You might as well not have watched her at all. I would like sleep too, and more than three hours of it.

I'm surprised there isn't a higher murder rate of new dads by new mothers if this is normal behavior.

Fuck you (and not in the way you've been bugging me for!)

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Well, I took some time to edit some pictures. I'm not going to post them directly to my journal, it'd be too much of a pain in the ass right now, however, the link below will take you to a shiny album full of shiny baby pictures.

I also have two bits of video done with our camera.

Good thing we bought that when we did..

But yeah, moving on:


videos! )

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Hey everyone! Jo here... the hosptial has limited internet acess, so here I am giving you all an update. About 24 1/2 hours ago I gave birth to a baby girl. (I so called boy and I was so wrong. XD)

Given that she was three weeks early, she's really tiny at 5lbs exactly. (Well, .02 oz, but we're not counting.) And 19 inches long. 4:34 was when she was born, I don't remember all that much of the actual birth, I didn't have an epedureal, but I did have some medicine hooked up to my IV.

The day went like this: my water broke at about 5 in the morning and we went into the hosptail and they shot me up with stuff to induce the labor... and I went into hard labor about one in the afternoon and started pushing about 4. So yeah, it only took me 34 minutes to have the baby...

I don't remember all that much but one of the things I remember was one of the nurses saying, "We'll let you push for three hours." And I thought, "Fuck that!"

So, it didn't take me all that long. I'm sore now, but it's all good.

And for those of you wondering on her name, it's Vivian Elena Rose.

We've been calling her 'Vivi.' or Vi. and no, she's not a black mage.


We've gotten her her very first stabbing knife! XD

Anyway, that's it. Photos to come. (On the home computer...)

I'll be discharged tomorrow, so I'll see you all on AIM and stuff then, though I will be taking off alot to care for the baby.

Baby belly!

Feb. 2nd, 2007 07:48 pm
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Okay, since I've been bugged for these, here they are.

Two pictures of my fat self... fat with BABY.

Teh Baby Belly )

There, I hope you're all happy. XD
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Yeah, I've been a bad girl with no updates. I'll try to write some more tonight but the last few weeks have been draining.

To answer Wicked's question: I'm due in February. The end of the month, the 26th. I'm looking forward to it. ^___^ (If only so I can eat and not still be hungry, stupid diet.)

For Jai, I will have belly pictures, just have to remind the hubby to pick up a camera.

We are really short cash wise right now, but that's not so much a problem as it is an annoyance.

Other than th at, life has been... interesting. My Grandmother (the cool one) just got out of surgery for breast cancer and will now be starting chemo. Last night I had a nose bleed that lasted an hour after literally just exploding all over my dinner plate. We almost went to the hospital.

Apparently, you're not supposed to blow out the snot clots...

That would've been nice to know. But yeah. Not a good last few weeks. I'll do a better update tonight and sorry for the silence, everyone! T__T


Dec. 27th, 2006 07:50 pm
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Besides the poking of doom that will be going on and all the other horrible dietary restrictions I'll be living with for the next oh...two or so months... the three words that killed me were this:


I'm going to die. I love juice...

As soon as the baby is born I'm getting a huge glass of cranberry juice and the biggest most chocolate brownie the world has to offer.
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So, I heard back about the test I had to take yesterday. I have gestational diabetes. How does this happen? I'm not overweight. I'm not overly huge for how far I am...

I won't know exactly how they want me to treat it until after Christmas when the specialist calls me.

But I know the nurse who called me talked about checking blood sugar and shots... makes me wonder if I have it bad. And then I did some reading where it talks about how women who have this often go on to develop diabetes and how the kids have a lot more problems and higher infant death rates. T____T

Top that off with my opinion of shots and the idea that I'll have to be sticking myself all the time and we can't afford a blood tester anyway....

*curls up*


Oct. 24th, 2006 06:57 am
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A little update, so to speak.

Went to the doctor's yesterday... had to wait an hour to see the fucker. An hour past my appointment time, nonetheless. Ends up the second and most likely the only reason why everything hurts as much as it does is I've torn a muscle. One of the muscles right under where the baby is starting to bulge so the pain will come and go in waves until the muscle heals up.

No heavy lifting. No strenuous activity. Because anything could and will tear this thing up more. Luckily I have a desk job, so it's back to work today. Or, unluckily as the case may be.

Chuck's computer is also kind of on it's last compy legs, so if I'm not on for as much tonight, that's why. We are going to get the parts to rebuild it, make it better, and make it so it makes springy noises when it jumps, but we're going to have to do that one piece at a time.

So yeah. FUNS. >___>

Anyone wanna donate to the craving jo fund? I needs things like Pepsi... and oranges...
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Well, I went into the ER last night. I've been cramping for about two days straight now. At first I thought I might have pulled a back muscle or something... but the pain wouldn't go away and started coming in waves. So last night I went to the ER and found out what was going on. The baby's head is right ON the cervix, pressing against it, but I'm not dilated at all.

Translation: The little SOB is either trying to jump the gun by about four months or simply delights in making mommy totally uncomfortable.

>___> And I'm still in pain too, thank you kid. I love you, but damn, this hurts.

Fuck this.

Oct. 21st, 2006 12:05 am
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Fuck this, I don't need this shit.

I post a rant on BRPS, that I admitted was a rant, that I admitted that there should be rants about me and people... DAYS after the fucking fact start tearing into me.

Yeah, this REALLY makes me want to go back to the game, you mother fuckers.

Let me boil down my life for you as it is right now in nice little points.

Point: I'm pregnant, and it keeps me sick, in pain, tired and moody. I admitted I was wrong in several places in the comments.
Point: My husband is ill. Not like oh no the flu ill, but OMG we don't know what the hell is wrong and he could possibly be dying ill. He got CAT scans done and we're waiting to hear back on them. This does NOT make me easier to deal with. Sorry. I hope he's not dying. And I hope they can fix KIDNEY FAILURE (which he may have) is often fatal if they don't treat it time! Lucky me! I could be a window before I'm thirty, oh FUCKING JOY!
Point: We are so broke right now that we're lucky if we can afford food half the time. You know, so broke you have to weigh the scales and decide if you want to be hungry or be able to have enough gas to get to work. And not just occasionally, but ALL THE TIME.
Point: I am NOT the only one who had a problem on this board! It's NOT JUST ME!
Point: I did try to ping mods to get things going. After awhile, when things don't roll, I have a bad habit of saying 'screw this' and walking away. Yes I know I'm a bad gamer, and there should be posts about me here. In fact, I've said as much in comment threads.
Point: I'm a 25 year old wife, expectant mother, family taxi, desk slave, with more problems than I want right now. My husband could be dying, my father IS dying and you know what, I really didn't need all this drama, kthanks bye.
Point: By not mentioning names I was trying to not to start a bitch fit. Well, that obviously failed.
Point: Thank you everyone for the wonderful 'warm fuzzies' during a time which I kind of needed them. To avoid being melodramatic I won't say what I normally would here, but you know what... I don't give a flying fuck.

From now on I will follow my little brother's approach to multi-fandom games that try to take themselves seriously.

1. Get a friend.
2. Play the snipers from Enemy at the Gates.
3. Kill all the other characters from a distance.
4. If there's a Ron Weasly in the game leave him alive to let him suffer.
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I've been being a bad girl lately. I haven't been reading my friends' page. I haven't been checking RP journals. (Though I'm starting to get sick of waiting for some things and waiting to be contacted about stuff.)

I'm tired a lot of the time. I wake up when I have to roll over because apparently ten extra pounds makes it very hard for me to move. This is going to make it interesting in another few months. At least I'm not longer all sick to my stomach.

That always helps.

Well, on the 15th of October, I was officially married a year! Isn't that spiffy? I'll try to be a better girl.

I think as far as LJ role playing goes, I'll go back to Sages and DM and like it.

At least there, if tiredness, business and general suckiness of life keeps me busy the it doesn't effect the game and I can jump back in whenever. I totally just flipped out, I thought something landed on my shoulder but I don't see anything...


I'm starting to play WoW so I can play with my husband and I'm counting the days until I can pickup my copy of FFXII. (Hurray midnight release!)

And I'm going to try to get some writing done. Some original stuff as well as fanfiction, I hope.

But we will see how it goes. These last couple weeks have been suck city.
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And I have them... Teh pictures!

follow for BABY!! )

Heh, the baby kind of has a Skeletor face right now, but I'm told that's normal as s/he doesn't have much fat around there. I didn't find out the gender. I wanna be surprised.

So, that's my baby!
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Well, in my defense, I've been pretty tired.  It seems to come and go in spurts and most likely will for the next 19+ years.  I go in for my ultra sound today, if I have to beat the tech with rubber tubing I will return with pictures of baby! (Gender not included).

We're fostering a cat for one of my friends, and chuck wants to keep him.  He's a lovely dovey kitty and fell asleep on my arm last night while I was writing and working on something spiffy. (The spiffy shall be revealed later on.)

I'll try to catch up on anything I'm behind, but those of you that game with me, if there's something, anything, you need me to do plot wise, PLEASE IM ME!  I have my own little cheapie computer now, so I should be on even when the hubby is killing alliance in WoW.

I've been feeling the baby move a bit recently.  I haven't been gaining much weight - well, I have, but it's all around the stomach.  My thighs have been losing weight, as have my sides.  So, I'm not balloon OUT, just stomach wise.  Girls at work comment on how they can't really tell yet, but I can. XD That, and I tend to wear baggy clothes at work because I hate it when things go up my tummy line.

Well, that's my update.  I'm also totally broke, so if anyone wants to send me gifts of food, I will not protest.  I know it's also Cleo's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLEO!

LOL, I almost mistyped your name.  Yeah, I'm l33t like that.  L33t... makes me think of anarchy... must... get... mission... token... o___o

Okay, for my spiffy thing, I made a video last night! It's kinda choppy, but it's the first one I made in years.  It's set to Rammstein's Engel and features the (the new) B:TAS episode Mad Love and focuses on Harley and the Joker. ^____^

watch it here and now )
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Stayed home again today. Went to the doctor. His diagnosis: benign positional vertigo. And he says I can take Benadryl for it. And it won't hurt the baby... the doctor I saw was an OB, so I think he should know what he was talking about. So yeah. Apparently it's just my hormones messing with me. Now that I think of it, I've always had this. The pregnancy is just making it worse.

So yeah. Now I have allergy medicine which apparently fixes everything from colds, to allergies, to motion sickness. Ect, ect.



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