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Spoilers for the Season Ender

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Well, had the yearly birthday dinner tonight. Sushi and Hibachi cooking for all. It was really tasty and a good time, generally, even though my one little brother decided to not show up. And my brother in law was late because of a problem with my present. Which was my sister's comic collection, or what was left of it.

Which wasn't much. Which means stuff was either lost or sold. I hope it was lost.

Comic List )

So the dinner was good. Vivi was totally floored by the hibachi cooking. She thought it was the greatest thing ever and there were a lot of 'wows' and 'ooooos'!

So that was fun.

In other news, I'm pretty sick. I missed three days of work. I went to the doctor and luckily got an internal medicine specialist who studied immune diseases too. So, he knew just what he was dealing with as far as my lupus went.

I got a course of antibiotics to take. He said if I were a normal, healthy girl my age he would've just sent me home with the 'drink lots of water and rest' speech. But given my immune system is screwed, they decided to treat this sinus infection pretty damn aggressively.

At least I'll be able to go back to work on Monday.
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At work right now, and wracked, just wracked with pain. And not just any pain, full body muscle spasm pain. Pulled out the percoset and we'll see how that works, but I can barely type right now, and from my head to my toes my muscles keep tensing up and just... hurting. Randomly.

I'm also stuck next to someone who thinks "conversate" is a real verb and even happily conjugate it into "conversating."

And I got to hear ALL about her man troubles today. Oh joy and rapture.

In other news, last night Dad and I had fun nerdlike conversations. We've decided that Mohinder's power is progressive stupidity and that a drunken monkey with a stick has an unfair advantage against Mohinder (the stick!) and such.

Talking online to a friend I also found out that a game I submitted an app to about a year ago was upset that I was never able to revise it to play... this makes me have warm fuzzies. Because I always ♥ feedback. Of course, right after I had put in that app, I kept up ending up in the hospital 'cause of the lupus.

Hell, my health isn't anywhere near perfect now, but it's a lot better than it was last year, so I'm going to give it another go. We'll see how well this goes.

That’s about all I have.

Have a happy turkey day tomorrow peeps. ♥
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Still very blah and out of it today. One day off in taking the weekly meds that always manage to mess with my state of mind and mental well being left me a total wreck. Couple it with having a cold and I've been something of an emotional basket case this weekend.

I'm going to start to try taking showers at night now, no matter how hard it is to actually stay standing when I do so. Because trying to do it in the morning kept me down to two or three showers over a five day period and maybe a bath after work that isn't baby invaded.

I think I'll also be less depressed at work in the morning if I'm not just finished pulling out chunks of loose hair. Showers do wonders for keeping me mentally down because of it. Nothing is quite like running your fingers through your hair in the shower to come away with clumps of it sticking to your hands.

I'll cry when I lose all my hair. It's the only thing pretty I have, really. I mean natural redhead, how common is that REALLY. A lot less common than comic books have taught me, that's for sure.

New Rule for myself: Never get into a comic canon fight with my dad. I was royally pwnd after doing just this. We were discussing various Magneto origin stories because I've been having Dad read testament and he pulled out one that I hadn't heard about as a canon reference to which I responded "Well, this is closer to the short bit they have on it in New Mutants, which is older."

To which Dad's response basically was "Seventies older than Eighties, nice try though."

Pwnd. So, the new rule? Don't argue comics with the man that's been reading them since the sixties. He knows little story tangents you haven't even heard of. I was then forced to pay restitution in the form of the Mighty Thor.

So I set up a file sharing thing on my account and uploading a huge first chunk of comics and shared the folder with Dad. Who made his user name "Valhalla Barbie."

Sometimes I think it's a miracle I was even conceived...
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There's a bunch of random stuff to cover here. The last few days have been kind of hectic. Chuck got his back pay of his SSI and finally is getting an old tatt on his arm covered up. He's going full sleeve with a Cthulu/Mindflayer tattoo that will be pretty bad ass.

I love ink. I wish I could still get ink... well, I could, but it would take forever to heal. I just spent about a day and a half figuring out what was wrong with my portable hard drive. Ends up windows doesn't like giving drives letters above F. Even though it can. So I renamed the Portable Hard Drive G, and now it works just fine. I'm transferring my music over to it now, it will take about twenty minutes. Compare this to five hours to transfer it to the External on the network. Ahh, USB.

I started reading Witchblade comics again, and a cross over reminded me of exactly why I dropped that title, but more on that later!

I got three things to share with people. Baby photos, icons (I think you'll like these, [ profile] candidgamera) and my thoughts on the few comics I have read. Not to mention a couple of plot rundowns for novels that I'm trying to rework the characters for.

First things first!

Vivi will Kill you with Cute! )

And Next.... some of my old, old icons. I'm going to have to get rid of a few that I don't use anymore to use a couple of these.... Excel Saga Icons...and other old ones )

Witchblade: Or why I gave up on TopCow Once Upon a Time )
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Well, I got the comics of Dad's. There's not nearly as much here as I remember, but over the years things have likely been thrown out or destroyed beyond repair. I indexed them with Chuck, and not all of them are Marvel... Funny as Dad was only big on a few DC characters and you can see it in what little of his collection survived. It's mostly Superman with one Green Lantern and a couple of Lois Lane and Superman & Batman Comics thrown in. Nearly all his Avengers, Thor, Silver Surfer and Hulk are gone. T____T

This makes me sad, as I grew up reading these and was looking forward to the six big boxes I used to go through, not the piddly little bag I got.

But the bag I got was still pretty spiffy.

Here's the list! They aren't in the best of condition, so I don't know if I'll be able to scan any... One has to remember these survived purges by my Grandmother, my Mom and my Step Mom, not to mention friends who would raid and not return.


Avengers: 84, 93
Incredible Hulk: 136, 4
Marvel Tales: 18, 16
Cap America: 131
Silver Surfer: 2, 6
Legion of Super Heroes: 2
Metamorpho: 14
Thor: 193, 263
Amazing Spider Man: 65
King Sized Cap America: 1
Super Man's Pal Jimmy Olsen: 105, 131
SuperBoy, 142, 168
Marvel Westerns: 8, 9, 93, 168
JLA: 92
Spider Man 2099: 12
Green Lantern: 55
Hawkman: 22
Phantom: 40
New Gods: 5
Flash: 100 pg Special
Conan: 79
Invaders: 21
Manhunter 2070: 92
Challengers of the Unknown: 79
GI Comabt: 159
Lois Lane: 78, 75, 104, 103
Action Comics: 367
Marvel Teamup: Spider-Man & Human Torch
Batman Superman: 188, 179
Superman 262
Iron Man 31
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos: 92

Random Comics: From Beyond The Unknown (No 12) DC, Walt Disney, Sgt Rock's Prize Battle Tales #216, Fighting Air force, Fighting Marines 93, Battlefield Action, Submarine attack, Tarzan (10 or 15 issues), Various "Classic Tales"


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