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Random meme: If there is ever was something you've wanted to ask me, ask me here. Do it anonymously if you wish and ask as many as you would like. I will do my best to answer them.

That, and ficlet request time. I'm in a lot of pain and I can use the distraction. Most of you know my fandoms, and if you don't know feel free to ask. ♥

But request a ficlet of me and I shall write. The best I can.

Not a "real" update I know. So sue me.
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Spoilers for the Season Ender

Emma Frost: What I Have to... )
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Okay, wrote a drabble for my Lorna from my RP verse. I have a large rant surrounding her power origin that I'm not going to go into here, but if you want to be bombarded with it. But yeah.

And thus, I seemed to touch the light... )

And that's that! Tell me what you think, peeps. I ♥ feedback.
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Well, it's been a long week. I was home sick on Monday. But at least I have FMLA now, so they can't fire me for missing work when I get sick. Went and had my blood work done today, as I suspected, my ESR (inflammation and a couple of other things) came back really, really high.

Not as high as it was back in December last year, but still pretty damn high. I've been battling random pain all week.

I found out that they're expecting us to start taking calls staring in November. Only three hours a day, but it still means I can expect once or twice a day to hear either of the following two questions: "What's wrong with your voice?" or "Why are you crying?"

Those of you who've talked to me on the phone or over voice chat know my voice and what it sounds like. Imagine it in a customer service environment. Somehow I think always sounding just this side of tears due to permanent congestion isn't going to help when some angry guy calls in about both of what are the most touchy subjects you can possibly have a call center handle.

Money and cars. I kid you not, people get very, very touchy and angry when you are dealing with either Money or Cars. So combine the two together and you have an office environment where death threats are the norm. Seriously, we get them all the time.

Permanent business casual dress starts Monday and that's also going to blow goats.

In other news, [ profile] evil_wild_lex and I were plotting - very loosely, mind you a YuYu Hakushou and Inu Yasha crossover game.

And I was wondering what canon characters I'd pick up for something like that and I think I have it down to Urameshi Yuusuke from YYH and Sango and/or Myoga for the Inu Yasha side. I don't think I could write Inu Yasha, but I could write Yuusuke.

There's something pure about a character who gets stronger when he gets ticked off and people near him get threatened. Who gets better the more he gets his ass kicked. And who fixes all his problems with his fists.

As Koenma describes him, he is a person who acts entirely without thinking. Who's emotional responses are based entirely on the physical. In other words, he's a Total Moron.

In the writing-esque mood, I'll put out another call for drabbles. I know I still owe Lex one from the last drabble call, but I really, really don't feel right writing your Mack. I can't make myself do it.

So, here's the drabble call. Give me a fandom or a challenge and I'll cook something up. If you don't know my fandoms, ask. ♥
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Free drabbles. You all should know my fandoms. Poke with requests. Role playing verses, canon verses, take your picks!

If you don't know if I fandom something, ask and I shall tell.
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Quick update... anyone have an idea for a sappy, tear jerking book the Tick could read at an Oprah type book club?

I needs for a drabble I'm doing. I'll look up whatever summary online, but I want to be able to write this on my break. :d
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Okay, I wrote this up for [ profile] policepenguin. I hope you like it babe, and I really, really hope you get feeling better. And I really hope everything works out for ya. As dorky as it sounds - I am thinkin' and prayin for ya. Yeah, I'm a dork, but I'm a dork that worries about her friends. *Hugs and worries*

So... that's the end of that ramble, on with the writings!

Fandom: Batman
Characters: Ra's al Ghul and one other. ^___~ (Note: the one other is NOT an OC)
Title: Untiled (until I can come up with something.)
Rating: PG13 - It hints at both drug use and sex.
Disclaimer: I don't own Batman if I did I'd be A) rich and B) Dead.
A good many things happened at Woodstock. )


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