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Jun. 17th, 2009 02:52 am
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Apparently it's illegal to stay in a house with no power after 8:30, at least in the city I'm in. Some ordence of something.

Anyway, I'm at my mom's. No, we haven't gotten any help on the bill. And no, I don't expect things will turn out okay this time. This is like a softer form of eviction. I'm going to go get the dry socket looked at tomorrow, but given the pain has kept me from sleeping well AT ALL and I've forgot my muscle relaxers tomorrow will be another day off of work.

I'm a very depressed Jo. A few of you have offered hugs, but I'm disappointed that none of my family members have even said anything. :/ Many of them follow my face book updates and, well, everyone's more concerned about Aunt Jenny's new baby then they are about me and my family getting kicked out of our home. Since what's happening is basically a softer form of eviction.

There is emergency assistance available. But they want all the documentation, including my birth certificate, which, surprise, surprise we don't have. As I was born in Iowa it will take about TWO WEEKS to get it. I do not expect we'll be able to get it.

Hell, we don't even have car insurance right now because of how little I've been pulling in.

cut for the emo )

I dislike my life at the moment.


Feb. 26th, 2009 12:59 am
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Someone reactivated my SuicideGirl's account. I don't know who did this. I don't know why they did it. But I can only assume it was a friend of Eeker's. I can't explain it otherwise. For the curious, my SG profile is here. The link is not work safe. (It's a nude/soft core site, after all.)

But don't get worked up, it's not like I have any naked pictures up there. I am not the pretty one. I never was.

I'm the beat-with-an-ugly-stick sibling.

This perplexes me. That someone would pay for my account. I'm a recluse. I don't really connect with people very well.

Though I do like artistic nudes. And I mean the artistic ones. I don't mean, "here's a girl in the same position as all the other girls on the site." Those aren't artistic.

But yeah, that's one part of the post.

Part two!

Was going through old emails Dad sent me. Found one where he promised "Not to go on the cart."

He went on the cart though. Didn't even have to club him on the back of the head.

Dad, why did you have to go on the cart?

...Someone show me something shiny before I go so emo I have to buy the black glasses and start cutting myself?

I miss dad.

And I am still perplexed.
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Dad's been taken off the machines.

So now, it's only a matter of time. Still doesn't seem right. Dad shouldn't be dead.


Jan. 4th, 2009 01:20 am
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Went out for breakfast today and resisted the urge to strangle the mom in law. Read the two Kenshin books I bought. Peeps who know my role playing/writing know I hardly ever write guys as point of view characters, but two of the small stable of guys I could write come from the Kenshin series. Namely Saitou and Kenshin.

...Though in a pinch, I think I could have way, way, way too much fun with Hiko.

Still kinda in a funk, though I did get some writing done. Nothing overly impressive though.

I hate the results of my weekend meds. :\ Well, I like feeling... decent physically, the few days that I do. With this flare it's hard to tell.

But feeling crappy emotionally isn't all that great.
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I don't like me.

And at the moment, I don't care much for Selena either.

But I really don't like me. Stupid emo.

Emo check!

Sep. 6th, 2006 05:57 pm
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Sometimes I wonder if anyone beyond a handful of people actually read anything on here. I mean, if I posted that I had been covered with leaches and dying a very sucky death would anyone say anything? Then again, could I even type when covered with said leaches?

I'm hungry.

Chuck's not here.

His car needs over 600$ of work, we're behind on payments for both cars, and now we think we may have to file for bankruptcy.

I was thinking of starting up a journal just for my writing, but what's the point if no one even reads it on this one?

With the way I feel some days, if it's true that babies pick up on their mom's emotional state, I'm going to have one fucked up little kid.

And when he's older and all rebellious and depressed and stuff and asks why he's like that, I'll be able to tell him, "Because your mom had the burning urge to shoot herself for unrelated reasons when carrying you."

I don't like me. But I think I have plenty of reasons for that.

Stupid attention whore complex.


Dear "Uncle" Joey,
Fuck you and stop sending us shit! I don't want you sending my husband birthday cards, and if you send me one I will respond by sending a mail bomb designed to blow off your privates. (Or what a "man" of your tastes must have.)

Thinking of you makes me want to do bad things to both you and myself. So stop it.

No more letters. No more emails, no more ANYTHING.

Nothing. Stop it. I don't know where you got the idea that it was okay to keep in contact with me, but you can go choke on something. Please go choke on something. I've always wanted to dance on a casket and it might as well be yours.


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