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This makes me feel fear. Hopefully, it's not a huge deal, but yeah.

Blargh... there's also something disheartening about spending money on lunch and suddenly staring at it, not quite feeling the urge to eat. The sammich is taunting me, it must die. Yet I can't make myself gorge on its salady and turkey-esque innards.



Jul. 8th, 2007 09:52 pm
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Chuck chuck, if you wanted to kill me there was a better way to do it other than bad pizza and White Castle. I'll fake my death, collect the insurance and we can spend the rest of our lives living like kings in some third world country which we can use to feed our dreams of world domination.

Oh god, I think I'm going to puke, it's been years since I've puked. x____x


Jun. 3rd, 2007 10:36 am
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Fuck you Fridge...

I didn't need to eat anyway. Or to store Milk for Vivi. No... not at fucking all.


Apr. 1st, 2007 02:02 pm
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I've been reduced to eating corn dogs.

I hate corndogs. Curse you not having real food in the house!!


*Chews* grimaces *swallows*
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I am over heated, and I'm hungry, and I think I just shoved my foot in my mouth.

Oh well, I'm getting used to the taste. I wish I had more than twenty dollars, I'd go get me a sandwhich.
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And suddenly I am depressed.

Fridge died last night, no real food.

Don't want to cook. Don't want canned food, it leaves a sickly sweet taste in my mouth.

Have no gas.

Can't drive for food.

I just wanna lay in a corner and die.
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My li'l sister was over last night. I don't know how late she stayed using our connection to foster her music collection, but when my husband went to bed at two she was still here. I half expected to find her crashed on the couch. Is it wrong for me to say, despite her brushes with substances I wouldn't touch with a ten mile pole, that I am totally fucking jealous of my sister?

She always has money. She's really beautiful where I'm just pudgy and dog faced, she's an awesome artist and her writing makes mine look like bad!fic. In fact, compared to all my siblings my talents kind of pan out to second rate. John's a human calculator, and on top of that uses that math skill to make his guitar playing into something more like a science. My little brother Adam can pluck the tune for songs out after just hearing them once, the back melodies too. (My sister can also do this.) Sometimes, I feel like the idiot in a family of geniuses. Like I'm the one that's here so everyone else can look better. I suck, on so many levels, that it's not even funny. And since I know none of my family reads this thing, I feel safe saying this in a public entry.

Then, there's my step daughter. I don't know if I'm expecting too much of an eight year old when I don't expect her to sulk for an hour when we tell her no. When I expect her to be able to bathe herself without making a mess or when I expect no fight over a ten o'clock (an overly generous) bedtime. At the same age not only was I able to bathe and shower myself without making that much of a mess, but I was also responsible for my two younger siblings (John wasn't born yet) and their well being and caretaking. And I remember Mom constantly telling me what a horrible job I was doing.

Now, I wonder.

I've moved from the omg!must vomit phase to only slightly sick in the mornings and now ravenous every other time of day. It's crazy and not really all that fun, either.

Oh well. I suppose I should finish being emo now. But honestly, I feel kind of worthless...
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Dear Kid of Mine,
I already love you. Really. But if you want to survive to see life outside the womb, for the love of God: LET. ME. EAT. Don't keep doing this all day queasiness to me. As it keeps me from eating and if I don't eat you don't eat.

Your Mom-to-be.
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Well, a short update, or long as the case may be. I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow, I had to schedule it with another clinic because the one I had it scheduled for wouldn't see me due to seven year old medical bills. Which would've been nice to know in advance, you know? So I scheduled with another clinic and got the after noon off of work to go in and get all checked up.

Life's been kind of slow and I've been really, really tired beyond all belief. I get to a point in the night where it's like hitting a brick wall. And wham, down I go. Out of the count and all of that. Other than that, life goes. I work, I'm broke and have all matter of stuff happen. Like the restaurant romp last night where I wanted to beat the Hostess at the Olive Garden off of 10 in Coon Rapids with a stick.

Honestly, it should not take half an hour to seat someone on a somewhat slow night just because they need a high chair. This hostess seemed convinced everywhere they would put us would make a fire hazard. I think she was just being a bitch. On our way back to no mans land when we finally FORCED them to seat us I saw at least three tables where they could've gotten us and Jack's high chair in just fine. (Jack is my goddaughter.)

Instead where do they shuffle us? They shuffle us off to the employee area of the restaurant! No fucking kidding, you could see the break table and the table where they wrapped napkins around silverware and all that stuff.

All the other employee's who walked by the place looked over at us like what the fuck are they doing there?. A waitress came up, and I think she may have been a manager and she asked if we'd been helped - this was after about six minutes of just sitting there - we told her no and she looked livid. She said she'd be back in a moment and she went off and then I heard her screaming at the two hostess chicks. I didn't hear all that much but parts of it included, "Are you guys fucking stupid?!" "We don't sit people back THERE!" "No one's ASSAIGNED to that area!" and "There are at least ten tables out HERE you could've put them."

And then she took it upon herself to serve us. And damn, she was quick. I felt sorry for her, she looked frazzled and every time she walked away from our table you could tell she wanted to strangle someone.

We gave her a large tip and she was the only good thing about that night was the waitress, Jamie.

I wanted to beat everyone else to death with the bread sticks.

If they weren't so darn tasty.
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Well, I've been quiet for a while. I haven't really meant to be, but it happens. Work pwns me, and on some extent the games I'm in pwn me. I didn't expect my Azula journal, [ profile] azulapwnssouls, to be so... popular. That and my Harley journal, [ profile] grspntdlove. Which brings me to a point of strangeness, last night, someone tried to hack my Harley journal.

I'm sorry, but how much of a life do you don't have to spend your time hacking a character journal and changing the lj-com and other links to go straight to xxx sites and communities?

Let me tell you, none. So, I changed my password to shake off Mr. Lifeless. If you're going to waste time hacking journals you could at least go after mun journals and not pups.

But, moving on, work pwns, but last week or so I had the most amazing food of dinner with Patrice, we went out and tasty food was consumed. Along with tasty sake. Ahh, the joy.

Well... that's about all I really have time to write, will do a better update tomorrow. Promise.


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