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This has to be one of the best things I have ever seen. All of you should watch! An oldie, but a goodie.
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And I mean the weather type, not the sick in bed type.

It was -30F this morning when I went to work. So cold that the switch for the lights on the car was frozen for the first few miles of driving.

Though I got a funny story today about one of my co-workers. After having heard on the radio that if your car doesn't start because of the cold you're supposed to heat up the engine block, he went a boiled a pot of water. And then he took that boiling water outside and threw it over the hood of his car, where, in the -25ish temps the water froze instantly and was accompanied by loud cracking noises. Presumably parts of his engine block. His car is no longer in the land of the living.

I shouldn't be laughing at him, but it's so stupid that I feel obliged. I mean, he grew up here. He should KNOW better.
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For The[ profile] marvel_mansionversion of Carmilla and her Friend-Boy Nate Grey...

...Now I really want to do profiles for the kidlets who totally will be messed up. XD


...Now I'd really like to write the three of these kids, maybe I'll fic it or something... but Dark Charcoal is totally the oldest and his younger sisters totally call him Dark Chocolate just to tick him off.

And he has dark hair that's closer to black and blue eyes and powers like his mom's.... where as Roscoe and Parish are both TPs and TKs like dad with Green hair and white streaks in the front...

And not a single one of them is sane. I mean... Come on, Carmilla Black and Nate Grey for parents?

That'd be some fucked up kiddage.
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Waiting for my ride to get here through the snow, going to be late, Yay!

Anyway, this made me laugh, hard. ...Pretty much work safe as all the bad stuff is implied and the aftermath shown... but yeah, saw this on [ profile] omizu's LJ and Lol'd.


I thought they warned about this in health class.... )
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Damn I'm tired. Like mega hyper tired. Like I should totally be sleeping right now tired. Like my brain is fried on overtime tired.

You wanna know what I miss? Rping with friends over aim. you remember the toast? THE TOAST?! Xd Among others.. I have so many aim rps just stopped in the middle that I wish I could poke people into doing again. Jai~! Toast! Yeah, more than that one, but I read that one the other day... and the line "I love you skateboard" and the line "Ooh, Toast" are both now stuck in my head.

TOAST!~!!!! Powdered TOAST MAN!



Why the hell am I still awake?

Oh yes, I figured it out. If I were to have one super power, any one at all, I'd take the power to walk on ceilings... So, when people are going about their merry on the floor you can weird them out by skipping on the ceiling. It would make opening the fridge a real bitch though. I couldn't reach it, and would be denied the love of food. And, if I managed to open the freezer, how would I get the waffles therein to the toaster? And then, how would I get them out? I would have to jump. Jump to the toaster, but I'd be stuck to the ceiling! Good god! What the hell is wrong with me, what a fucking stupid power. I relinquish my ceiling walking anti-waffle power for the power to command large groups of squirrels to stare at [ profile] falnedn. How do you like them apples?

Also, a thought. Why do organizations of villains always call themselves things like "The League of Evil Badasses" and are then surprised when the heroes show up? It goes like this:

"Oh, Captain Stuff Man! How did you know that we, The League of Evil Badasses were here plotting your doom!"

"Isn't it obvious Lord McEvil Toast? I found you in THE WHITE PAGES!"

"*Gasp*" Lord McEvil Toast takes a dramatic step back, "I knew we shouldn't have advertised there!"

"Oh, but it was such a nice add. And I found your call center employees extremely helpful," Says Captain Stuff Man.

"You think so? There's this one girl in the third shift that's a bit of a sarcastic twa- HEY! Why are you even here, it's outside of business hours!"

Captain Stuff Man checks his watch, his face falls, "Aww, god damnit. How's noon tomorrow, Lord McEvil Toast?"

"No good, I gotta derail a train of orphans."

"Oh. I see. Three then?"

"Three works."

"See you tomorrow, wait... ORPHANS? DERAIL?"

Lord McEvil Toast squees away carried on the winds of doom!

Will Captain Stuff Man be in time to save a train full of squealing Orphan doom? Will Lord McEvil Toast ever learn not to put his hide out's number in the white pages? Tune in Next Time on another thrilling episode of LORD OF THE EVIL TOASTER! A show about nothing that will never be on again!


Mar. 22nd, 2006 11:29 pm
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On a scale of one to ten, this is fucking RANK. So bad it hurts... and yet, I laughed all the way through. One Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Bruce/Talia fic
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So, what happens to Bond's girlfriends? (Or any other movie character that changes a relationship every flick.) I mean, it's all lovely dovey and ready to go for life! at the end of the movie.

And then, next movie: he starts out single and ready for a new girl.

So, what happens? Do they wake up with him one morning and are all like, "Oh, James, I love you."

And is he like, "Maybe so, but now you know too much." Then, does he pull out a gun and let them have it?

Three hours and some disposed bloody sheets later, is he ready for the next movie? That explains why none of his ex-girl friends are slapping him with paternity suits. So, my point: is James Bond really a good guy?

I mean, there has to be a reason for the license to kill. And I think I just found it.
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I answered a question I had at work today with the aid of my husband. On a dare, we saw how many tootise pops I could put in my mouth at once. The answer: three.

Prooving once and for all, it's not how many lick, put how many pops.

He wanted me to get five. Wasn't happening. When I think about it, we're really just big kids.
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No, we really have too much time on our hands, BEHOLD THE WONDERS OF A DRUNKEN OBI WAN!!!

Lay off the wiskey, Obi-wan. )

Now, I have to make a capt'n morgan image hack with obi-wan. o__O
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Oh.  My.  God.

I mean, like total strangeness.

You can rp with someone for a while, tease them in chat rooms, then end up training them at your place of work.  Yes, today, I met [ profile] alina_cantha in person.  Also known as Lee from [ profile] rp_no_jutsu.  I totally trained her for a bit.  And I totally creeped her out, because she had the idea that I was me before I knew she was her.  Since I was doing most of the talking, babbling like a brooke. 

I mean... omg.

Small, fucking world.

OMG I WORK WITH LEE!  She lives like.. THREE BLOCKS FROM ME!!!!  Babe, you should come here and play Naruto 3 with me!!  Yes... OMG!
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Synthetic Electronic Person Hardwired for Infiltration, Rational Assassination and Justified Observation

If I had money, I'd so buy the shirt.  Time's a ticking!  You guys who want invites who haven't responded to the previous post, please do so!
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There comes a time in every girl's life when she realizes she has blithely fucked herself.  I'm running a fever.  The reason for this fever is the lack of funds to get antibiotics (my insurance charges an insane amount for them) couple with the fact that the doctor forgot to give me the prescription slip.  And now, here I sit with a dizzying fever, no cash, no way to call in the prescription, and just suffering in general.  This. Fucking. Sucks.

Even if I had the money to get the meds, which, with an outstanding 2.50 in my bank account, that's not really the question, I wouldn't have anyway to prove that they were prescribed.  I have the number for the hospital, yes; I had to get my tooth CUT OUT at a hospital.  It wasn't pulled; it was cut out and vacuumed up.  Neat, huh?  Anyway, I have the number, but I don't think it's the right number, because every time I try to call it, it just rings and rings and rings.

So, I guess I'll suffer until this fever kills me.  Because without medication, it most likely will.

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To those of you who frequent the star wars lj coms like I do may remember a bit of spam by one "Howard Tuttleman".  Whether or not it's a joke, I still haven't figured it out, but instead of coming back to our points in the post, he wanked on his journal. 

And I responded.

For your veiwing pleasure: The Wank that Ate Fandom and Left us all with the Bill


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