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Funny story from my DK on Deathwing. I was in the Western Plaugelands, doing my thing, when a mage who came up as being "??" to me decided to jump me. Now I also play a mage, and you think he'd be able to fry me in two seconds.

But nope, not this time.

Second I broke from the ice? Ganker was ganked. In about three swipes and a couple of ghoul bites, no less. Funny, as I'm sure he was going for an easy kill. I don't know if this means I'm just "that awesome" (I am still learning Death Knight) or this mage was just that bad.

Long story short: Ganker got Ganked.

I LOL'd. I am still LOLing actually. :d
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Made it to work today. Despite the wind chill, and despite feeling like crap. Cut for those who don't like health issues )

My reasons for making it in to work aren't really office solidarity or anything like that. Unless I miss my guess, the last Testament comes out today, and if I don't pick it up and get it scanned in, I will incur the Wrath of Dad.

Which is like the Wrath of Khan, only with less screaming.

...Wait, no, it's about the same actually.

Other than that... I'm just exhausted. Want to write something but no ideas as to what. Anyone with ideas? Poke here.

And stuff.

And/or help keep me awake? I could use that.

*sigh* Sometimes I wonder if I belong some of the places I'm at. x___x I'm not nearly as awesome as people seem to think I am. Or very good at all, really. But that's a different story.

I am hurty Jo.

Sucks to be me. You know, unless something good is happening. Then it's pretty awesome.

Oh, and I present for your amusement a Craig's List Add!

Ninja Car! )
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This add was pulled from Craig's list, but I think it's the greatest thing EVER.

Loveseat! )
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Pictures of the kidlet under the cut!

She's the hammiest ham that ever hammed. [ profile] wonder_boi, be proud of the kidlet who you are totally the God Diva of. :D

Baby Madness! )

My daughter, the ham.
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...I'm watching the Matrix right now. And I realize that movie is almost ten years old. This is creepy. I remember seeing it in the theater. The overly large cell phones, the decent special effects. It's actually a decent movie. The only good one in the series.

And that brings me to other things. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey are both almost twenty years old, if not twenty already. As is Creepers which I watched last night. And something in there that was a common enough site years ago is unheard of today. The character with the polio crutches...

...No one really has those today, because polio is treatable, easily. And people are vaccinated. And all is good.

Things brings to mind a SLEW of other things. My favorite runs of the Avengers and of the X-Comics are all ranging from 10 to 20 years old. Scenes from some of my favorite BS movies won't make much sense to today's kids. For example, in Wayne's World, the scene where Wayne and Garth are getting Emission testing done... kids today aren't going to get that. They've never had to have it done.

What about Pauly Shore? Kids today aren't going to know who he is. Or know about the Earnest movies. (Which I hate, and yet my husband LOVES.) They won't squee with delight at a Gizmo toy or know what it means when we say don't feed it after midnight or get it wet. Which is, by the way, one of the best things to ever come out of Pet Shop of Horrors. First Tanbuken. The guy walks out with a crate exclaiming how it's just what he was looking for for his Grandchildren and later calls in frantically exclaiming, "They're tearing up everything!"

And Dee goes, "Did you follow the instructions?" And then something about feeding them after midnight (Because they were so darn cute!) and the guy is like, 'I didn't think a little bit would make a difference!' And screaming in the background.

Ahh, Gremlins.

Proof? Right here. If I can find the English scans, I will. But yeah. :D Gremlins.

Randomly gremlins.

And there's my little rambling rant for the day.
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Woo, a public update! The other night, I totally found (and bought) a Wii. Mmmm, sweet victory. A Wii is mine at last. I rock at the bowling.

Tonight, I have to go and do the work out thing, so I'll be gone for awhile. And damn, I realized this morning that PMS makes me fucking moody. I was so cruising for a fight on [ profile] bad_rpers_suck. Though I have to admit that I must've missed the memo that said [ profile] dear_multiverse and [ profile] sages_of_chaos was serious rp business. It's a scary world when people take crack seriously.

Had a good laugh about it with some guys at work. (Like the only five other people who know what I mean when I say LJ and Crack.)

I want to work on some real writing, but we'll see how well that goes.

In other news, I found out Ad was on that bridge a minute before it fell down and went boom into the Mississippi. He and some of his friends were on their way to this Japanese place in Dinky town, crossed the bridge and a minute later heard the fucker break, scream and crash into the river. They turned around to see what happened and basically joined the flood of other peeps who had done so and stood there going, "Dude... bridge."

Ad's now convinced that water's out to get him, even though he's not the seventh son of a seventh son. Ahh, obscure folklore/novel references.

So... on a scale of 1-10 how bad of a brain breaking hypocrite do you all think I am? ^___~ I'd say I'm about a 9 at least, but that's average.

Wonder Jo powers activate!

Form of... why is it always water? Shape of... something slightly more useful!

And that's that for right now.
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And I don't even care.
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I so died laughing watching this... pwnd my lungs hard core.

Correction: this is the one that killed me, though the first is great too:
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Totally check this out:

If you play online games you'll be laughing your ass off. I found the section on Ganking the best.

And [ profile] tehjai You'll get a kick out of this one:

To Shinji! The biggest wuss that ever wussed!
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You have to love this: "Our suspicion at this time is that the motive was theft..."

As if pirates do anything BUT steal stuff.  Heh heh heh.  that's just funny.


Oct. 29th, 2005 02:13 pm
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In the parade that goes by my house (Anoka Halloween Parade) I just saw the following: two large beer bottles smiling and handing out candy to children.  About four minutes later, what comes by?  The token "beer killed my kid" car that MADD presents year after year to local highshools.

Message to children: Drink lots, die yong, leave a mangled car.


That's just funny.


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