Sep. 10th, 2013 02:28 am
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My social security went basically to pay a ton of back medical bills with only one major exception and now I'm out of money with a broken to the blackened nub and infected tooth that will likely have to be pulled and a new denture made for me.

I seriously can not let this tooth stay in. I am not joking when I say this could kill me, even if my immune system weren't already shot to hell. So I need help. I will sell tarot readings, art, writing, whatever, I just need some money that I can take to the dentist and get done what I need to get done and get the medication to take so I don't get what could be a fatal infection.

I'm freaking out right now. Please, if anyone can, help. T__T
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I don't know why I filled this one out. It makes me realize how much my life... well, yeah. Also home sick while the hubby visits my family. Fuck you, Lupus.

Meme of reasons Jo's life is boring as fuck )
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Well, don't know what to say really right now. Typing is hard right now. My hands are spasming. I haven't been able to write anything. Want to be able to write stuff, but yeah. I can't put my foot forward in anything, I'm just terrified to.

So yeah. That's all I had. I can't think through the muscle spasms right now. I fail at everything.
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Exhausted but I have tags I have to do so we'll see if I can't shake off the blahs. Only eaten once today, not really hungry anymore. Tired. Sore. Sick. Hate myself for not being able to clean and my skin is covered with discoid sores.

Gonna be in my corner.


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