Dec. 11th, 2011 09:32 pm
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The kamishibai community probject that has been eating my soul for the last...well...since October is nearing an end! At 38 pages of text so far and over 170 different images, some of which have multiple animation frames it's been slowly killing me. But it's not a bad death persay. It just makes it hard for me to cocentrate on plotting anything else.

This much work though, needs to be shared... when it's done I'll post the finished file with a link to the player (though the player doesn't work on macs >__<) and yeah. Anyone who wants to read one of my dorky side projects would be welcome to. Images under the cut, and those the images are small, there's a lot of them.

Augh, )

And that's just a fraction of the images. Guh.

In other news, I'm likely going to have to give up my violin, I don't know if we'll have rent, and we'll still chornically short on food. I damn near killed myself cleaning the kitchen and I've spent the last two weeks in enough pain to induce a couple of fits of, what is for lack of a better word, insanity. I'd go into urgent care of the ER over this if I had insurance. x__x

I'd like something to go right.
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Funny story from my DK on Deathwing. I was in the Western Plaugelands, doing my thing, when a mage who came up as being "??" to me decided to jump me. Now I also play a mage, and you think he'd be able to fry me in two seconds.

But nope, not this time.

Second I broke from the ice? Ganker was ganked. In about three swipes and a couple of ghoul bites, no less. Funny, as I'm sure he was going for an easy kill. I don't know if this means I'm just "that awesome" (I am still learning Death Knight) or this mage was just that bad.

Long story short: Ganker got Ganked.

I LOL'd. I am still LOLing actually. :d


Jan. 9th, 2010 10:26 pm
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Well, a few updates. My work's claim that I was lazy and not sick was dismissed. The judge sounded less than impressed. He ruled in the first case that I was indeed ill and could therefore receive Unemployment.

But at the hearing, my work failed to appear, saying they got no notice.

The judge was not impressed.

Their claim was dismissed.

In other news, I am roasting a chicken tomorrow. Anyone have any recommendations for vegetables to be put in it?

Oh, I also made a music video today:
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I forgot to tack this up here. But chapter 2 of my dorky side project is done and can be downloaded from my deviant art site here. It has has a link to chapter 1 and the viewer you need to run the stories.
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I've been watching Legend of the Seeker on It's based on the Sword of Truth books, the first one based, loosely on Wizard's First Rule.

I have an... interesting relationship with Terry Goodkind, I think he should be shot. And that he has a serious hate for women. But that his first three books were okay. At least I could sit down and read them in a day when I had time to sit down and read.

But yeah, the TV show. I think even if you don't know the books, even if you hate the books, the TV show is worth checking out. It basically is Sam Raimi saying, "Sir, I like your idea and your world but we are going to try this a bit differently and in a manner that doesn't suck."

It's kind of like a Hercules Redux without the slapstick comedy, though the show has it's moments. There are a lot of changes from book to TV, most of which are good ones, some of which are okay. Like the first is that Richard didn't memorize the book of Counted Shadows and burn it as a child, it's brought over by Kahlan and then burned to keep Darken Rahl's hands off it. The story with Richard's mother is also changed, but again it's not in a bad way.

It's pretty much stock fantasy as far as some things go. Main hero and main heroine are love interests, but of course something stands in the way of their love - in this case it's Kahlan's magic, and the nature of it - and it has the cooky old Wizard there to give advice and all that fun stuff.

Some other things changed I thought were good changes were the Sisters of Light are now a group of nuns that watch over children with special abilities instead of wizard training bitches. One thing I'm surprised they kept was the Mord'Sith.

Now, I know a lot of people hated them with a passion but I thought the concept (if not the execution) was awesome. It's an order of girls trained more or less to be dominatrix but there's a lot more to it than that. They're magic breakers. They take someone's magic and use it against them and make it their own. I think any world with enough wizards and magically endowed people would have something like that. Given the show is produced by ABC/Disney I'm very surprised that they kept them. They were handled so very awesomely.

In the show, Richard only spends an episode with Deena and breaks free of her control. Which is good because that changes the whole sequence of events with Queen whatshername and Princess Violet. It's still done very well, and Rachel still makes off with the box, though it's a bit more by the skin of the teeth in the TV show. It's Rhal that kills the Queen and Violet's head doesn't go flying across the room in the TV version, she's sent to the jewel mines instead. A nice little fate for someone as bratty and stuck up as her.

Anyway, I rambled about it long enough. The episodes I've liked the best so far have been "Listener" and "Puppeteer." I think peeps should give it a try. Some of the acting is a bit dry and the fantasy is stock without elves and dwarfs, but it still holds to archetypes. But the story is good.

Though I will always be sad they didn't put the scene in where Zed makes all the local farmers think their parts fell off. *snerk*

Enjoy, apparently Hulu doesn't embed to LJ.

Movie Meme

Apr. 24th, 2009 02:46 pm
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Taken from just about everyone.

Movie madness )

...Heh, I apparently have no life, but we all knew this.
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Random meme: If there is ever was something you've wanted to ask me, ask me here. Do it anonymously if you wish and ask as many as you would like. I will do my best to answer them.

That, and ficlet request time. I'm in a lot of pain and I can use the distraction. Most of you know my fandoms, and if you don't know feel free to ask. ♥

But request a ficlet of me and I shall write. The best I can.

Not a "real" update I know. So sue me.

Mar. 26th, 2009 06:55 pm
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One of my favorite books of ALL TIME is getting made into a movie. No, it's not A Night In Lonesome October though that would be as cool as all hell.

Where The Wild Things Are is getting the movie treatment and the trailer makes me want to go see it NOW. Stupid having to wait for things.


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