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Though no surprise to my husband I will be at home today.

I effectively can't see right now (even with my glasses on) without my glasses my eyes are actually producing glare and I can't blink back into focus so driving equals no.

Couple that with feeling like I've been stomach punched a few dozen times and that I can't get a deep breath in and yeah.

Not going anywhere.

As soon as I hear back from my email I'm falling back in bed.

If any of the words in this post are insanely unreadable it's because I'm not bothering with my glasses. They're not making much of a difference right now anyway. So, typing by feel. Ah, positioning dots on a keyboard. Somedays, you are my bestest friend.
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I am so completely and totally exhausted right now. Like beyond the realm of normal. Hence, I am at home. :/

It's also Vivi's birthday today.

Hopefully I will feel up to flashing lights, pizza and games for tonight.

I'm so very ouching and tired right now. The stress of the last couple days has finally caught up with me. Apparently with me extreme stress = lupus flare.

No new news on Dad right now.
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Made it to work today. Despite the wind chill, and despite feeling like crap. Cut for those who don't like health issues )

My reasons for making it in to work aren't really office solidarity or anything like that. Unless I miss my guess, the last Testament comes out today, and if I don't pick it up and get it scanned in, I will incur the Wrath of Dad.

Which is like the Wrath of Khan, only with less screaming.

...Wait, no, it's about the same actually.

Other than that... I'm just exhausted. Want to write something but no ideas as to what. Anyone with ideas? Poke here.

And stuff.

And/or help keep me awake? I could use that.

*sigh* Sometimes I wonder if I belong some of the places I'm at. x___x I'm not nearly as awesome as people seem to think I am. Or very good at all, really. But that's a different story.

I am hurty Jo.

Sucks to be me. You know, unless something good is happening. Then it's pretty awesome.

Oh, and I present for your amusement a Craig's List Add!

Ninja Car! )


Jan. 26th, 2009 12:45 am
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I hate D&D night. Chuck is always gone until bumble fuck in the morning and I can never sleep well with him not here.

I'm going to go to bed after this, but yeah.

Been watching Wolverine and the X-Men... I may have a ficbit to put up tomorrow. God, I love that show. I have another one that I finished up last night for an original character of mine after sitting on it for MONTHS. I'll post it later, I hope it turned out okay.

My pain killer prescription STILL hasn't arrived. If it's not in the mailbox tomorrow, I'm calling my doctor and seeing if I can't send my mom downtown to get it for me. My Rhumey works out of the same hospital she does, after all. It shouldn't be that hard for her to skip down to the other department and get me my freaking coedine. Because this weekend... lets just say ow.

Everything fucking hurts.

So bad.

I'm so tired. And some things have gone bad, but I'll talk about those later. Hopefully I get to go into work tomorrow.

But yeah.

Heh, the DDR for the 360? It has CASTLEVANIA music on it. I fangirled.

...The almost failed the stupid dance.

Goodnight, cruel world~!
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Migraine of doom at work.

Today is going to be guh. >__>
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I've spent days fixing peoples idiotic mistakes at work. Like the kind that result in law suits.

I broke a tooth last night.

Today I had to have it pulled in the most painful extraction I have EVER fucking experienced. The tooth broke into tiny pieces. They drilled me many times to try to get more out. Vacuum tubes and stitches were needed. I now have a gaping hole between two of my teeth. They say you can't see it when I smile - but I know it's there.

It now hurts worse than it did before I had it pulled.

If i had to put my pain before they pulled it on one of those little scales, I would've hit about a 3. It wasn't bad. I could live with it.

Now I'm sitting at a 8 or so. And I can't take ANYTHING for it.

Shoot me.


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