Mar. 30th, 2009 02:09 am
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I'm up right now, I can't sleep. The last few days have been loads of fun, and I mean that in every sarcastic sense possible. I'm still nursing the cold from hell, I have no voice and am coughing up my lungs. That, on top of other more personal conditions being worse than they've been since high school has made me a ball of laughs.

It was brought to my attention lately that I've been pretty bitchy. I know I have been snappy lately, and my illness is not a catch all excuse for everything. Neither is the stress I'm under. I know my grief and finical situation right now also makes me sound like a broken record of 'woe-is-jo' and the like. Since I get the feeling that's been bothering people too, I'll stop posting those entries.

One thing, this is also an open floor. If people would feel free to say exactly and brutally what they think of me I'd be much obliged. You don't have to worry about hurting my feelings or my self image. I'm a girl who firmly believes she's an ugly, whiny moron. It's best to be honest with yourself, after all. So yeah, I'm not fishing for compliments, but I'd like to hear what you all think of me, seriously.

In other news, to put the broken record back on deck, this week will be really, really hard for me. The 3rd of April marks the two year anniversary of finding my sister dead, and two months without Dad if you go from the time of his heart attack. That's all I have to say as per that. I'll keep the record to myself from now on. I'm sorry I've been subjecting you all to all of that.

Oh yeah, you can comment anonymously, but if you're taking me up on the tell it as it is offer, I'd love if you used your journal.
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Well, had the yearly birthday dinner tonight. Sushi and Hibachi cooking for all. It was really tasty and a good time, generally, even though my one little brother decided to not show up. And my brother in law was late because of a problem with my present. Which was my sister's comic collection, or what was left of it.

Which wasn't much. Which means stuff was either lost or sold. I hope it was lost.

Comic List )

So the dinner was good. Vivi was totally floored by the hibachi cooking. She thought it was the greatest thing ever and there were a lot of 'wows' and 'ooooos'!

So that was fun.

In other news, I'm pretty sick. I missed three days of work. I went to the doctor and luckily got an internal medicine specialist who studied immune diseases too. So, he knew just what he was dealing with as far as my lupus went.

I got a course of antibiotics to take. He said if I were a normal, healthy girl my age he would've just sent me home with the 'drink lots of water and rest' speech. But given my immune system is screwed, they decided to treat this sinus infection pretty damn aggressively.

At least I'll be able to go back to work on Monday.
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November 5th... Erika's birthday.

Happy Birthday Eeker. Hope it's happy wherever you are. You'd be 26.


Nov. 5th, 2007 03:38 pm
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Happy Birthday, Eeks.

Wish you were here to see it... it's snowing.


May. 20th, 2007 07:23 pm
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You really don't notice how fucking lonely you are until you go to call someone and realize they'll never answer the phone again.

Dreamed about her twice; I think it was her.

I'm too damn lonely, Erika.
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After emails back and forth with the moderator of a site that had an article about Eeker posted, we came to an agreement and he sent me this:

To the friends and family of Erika

I had, a few weeks ago, posted an article on my website that purposely degraded the memory of her. I did this without knowing who she was, or even looking at the pictures that she prided herself in. All i knew was that she was a suicidegirl. I did not know she had a daughter, a niece. For the amount that i knew about her, i had no right to post what i did.

However, Erika was loved, and you know that. She was popular due to the site she was on, and watched frequently by many people. So, for her to die, it was big news, especially on some of the websites i frequent. So, to me, all i did was plaster something offensive, and post the obituary. I had forgotten about the article, until i noticed some referrals to that page from livejournal users, and a great increase of traffic to that page from Google.

I dealt with some of the friends of Erika first, however, I was extremely defencive about my website, but mainly the traffic i was getting because of it. Within 24 hours of posting the article, that article alone got 10,000 hits. I had, however, offered them to rewrite the article. They declined.

However, while moderating comments posted on my site, i noticed someone claiming to be her sister posting a message. We started e-mailing back and forth about the article, and although it was rocky to begin with, we reached an agreement. I offered her to rewrite the article, 100% from scratch, with no interference with me. All i asked was to put a disclaimed up top letting them know i did not write the article, and a few comments on the bottom. The comments were not to be offencive in any way.

So, Jo (if i got that wrong, feel free to change it to the correct one. Just getting it off what gmail is telling me) rewrote the article, and i must say that if the words spoken about me, or written about me at my funeral were half as powerful as what she wrote, I would be able to die knowing i was loved. It is obvious that Erika was loved greatly by all, and was able to affect the lives of many.

So, I would like to apologize. I did make an apology on my site, but i understand you may not read it, and may not want to read it due to its content, and what i have written about Erika.

I would like to assure you that there are no insults or bashing on the new article on my site. It is purely for the purpose of letting those know how Erika lived

The offending article has also been changed to prevent further offence to you, or anything else that may read the article. I hope that you will accept my apology, and i hope that you will not harbour ill feelings towards me for what i have written previously.

My condolences go out to all of you, and I hope that when you are done your mourning, you will be able to celebrate the life of Erika Strong, and be able to tell her story with the same conviction that Jo was able to.

Once again, I apologize
~Adam Reimer Author

* * *

I accept the apology graciously. After all, he defended his website; I defended my sister. Disagreements don't always have to lead to war. Sometimes they lead to better understanding on both sides.

If only all the arguments I got into recently ended half this well.

Thank you Adam Reimer for letting me rewrite that article.
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Dear Fanboys, girls, trolls and the occasional imp,

Stop reading this journal looking for dirt/info on my little sister. I've gone through and friend-locked all entries that have "the dirt" on her in them. Most of them were friend's locked to begin with. And you know what? Coming here not to learn more about me - but to look for things about Eeker is sicking and I think you all should - at the very least - be ashamed of yourselves.

I suppose for you fanbrats that it never occurred to you that my sister lived her life apart from you people. Most of you, I doubt she even knew existed. If you only knew her as Benni until you found the obituary you don't have any right to information about her.

Also, who ever of you went through my journal and pulled up a) the link to her obituary and b) used something my MOTHER IN LAW (not our mother!!) said as justification to slap the headline "intentionally overdosed on drugs" on, you are going to go to hell you rumormongering piece of shit.

Hope you all choke to death on your own asshattery -

Sephira jo

Dear Nice People,

Thank you for your support really. Those of you who have been nice and supportive it's meant the world to me to know how many lives my sister had touched. For you guys, I'm sorry I'm going to have to pull from public view any entry dealing with my little sister until this blows over. So maybe years from now.

I know that you guys - the good ones - are genuinely saddened and grieved by my sister's passing.

Again, thank you to the nice people. You know who you are. You're the one's offering condolences and taking the time to email me and message me with your thoughts and memories of my sister.

Thanks again to you guys

-Sephira jo
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Click Me for Vindication.

And it feels good too; I actually managed to stay civil. I surprise myself.
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Tonight my sister gets to have dinner with Mike Doughty.

I am so totally jealous. x_____x


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