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Well, we got that ten or plus inches of snow they told us we were getting. Which is both good and bad. Good because, damn, I love snow. I love it HARD CORE.

Bad, because I want ice cream, and Chuck said that if I wanted ice cream so bad I could go out and put chocolate syrup on the snow, because he sure as hell wasn't driving for it, and I wasn't either.

It was also good because I got my Talia muse to grab Batman by the balls and TWIST. Hard. It shouldn't have been so fun to write a scene where Talia almost literally takes Bruce's love life, rips it shreds, drops it to the floor, stomps on it a few times and then looks up at him and smiles nicely.

She scares me. And I write her.

Lesse, Vivi is getting old enough to really understand now that Mommy is Sick. This has resulted in an influx of Vivi help.

Vivi help is anything from burying me under stuffed toys when I take a nap on the couch to trying to feed me when I'm eating dinner to thinking that she has to help me get dressed and ready to go to work.

Or this gem, the other day when I got home from work and started heading to the bathroom Vivi took off and headed me off there. I then heard, "Vivi help mama!" and went in to see her toilet seat on top of the closed toilet and Vivi looking at me expectantly.

She then pointed to the toilet seat and said, "Help mama." And when she talks, she sounds like LeeLoo from the Fifth Element. So it was like, "Hallllp Maaamaaa."

I should teach her how to say, "LeeLoo Davis Multipass" and be endlessly amused.

Either way, Chuck had to come in and get her out of the bathroom because part of her helping me was her not wanting to move so I could actually use the bathroom. x___x How she thinks this is helping, I'll never be quite sure.

In other good news, my app got accepted over at X-Project. Yay! Here's proof! Like I needed to provide proof...

Because of this [ profile] evil_wil_lex says I'm no longer allowed to say my writing sucks. I am now supposed to say "what I am working on does not live up to my [unreasonably high] standards." My standards aren't unreasonably high. :P I know you didn't say that exactly, Lex, but you have called my standards insanely unreasonable before.

I have a piece of tech writing to do for another game and I'm going to have to write my intro for the fairy tale game sometime next week too.

We have to hold off on a tree because of our lack of cash, but that's not what's important for Christmas, you know? I hope the next few years will be better. But yeah, things are what they are. Can't really do much about that.

So, that's about the long and short of it. I think I'll do a spammy writing post later and torture you all with something I found on an old, old harddrive that still is kicking.

My old emo poetry from my senior year of high school! Le gasp! From back when I started to get sick.

And no one believed me and told me I had "senioritis."

You know what? Most doctors suck hard core. But that's a different story.

I am drowning, there is no sign of land.
You are coming down with me, hand in unloveable hand."
<--Lyrics from the song playing right now. So awesome, yet so depressing... And the batteries just died on my Blue Tooth Mouse...

Oh well, I'll charge them.

Hahah! Song playing now is from the CD that my daughter will bow and worship as the object to which she owes her very existence!

Which reminds me, someday I have to go troll bars in Ames, IA and build a shrine at the pinball machine I owe my existence too...
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Waiting for my ride to get here through the snow, going to be late, Yay!

Anyway, this made me laugh, hard. ...Pretty much work safe as all the bad stuff is implied and the aftermath shown... but yeah, saw this on [ profile] omizu's LJ and Lol'd.


I thought they warned about this in health class.... )


Dec. 3rd, 2006 09:39 am
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I need to update more often. I know this. But this last month has been totally hellish.

In November I got that tooth pulled - that went badly. I got into a car accident, but luckily the baby and I survived that. I'm now just getting over a massive cold that lasted more than a week (a week I wanted to do Overtime, no less...). I'll be doing overtime again this week and I really hope my husband doesn't decide to go blow money on an expensive gift for my birthday.

So many crappy things have happened in November, I hope this month will be better. The temperature is back down to what's normal in Minnesota - which some people might not consider a good thing, but I don't mind and there's a small scattering of snow on the ground. And my birthday's on the 8th. I'll get to take my family (and hopefully a friend *you know who you are!*) out to my favorite restaurant... even though I can't touch the sake and the sushi at the moment.

I'm going to try to catch up on journal reading. Hee, Chuck did do one thing for me that I consider sweet. He doesn't like Christmas, but we got a Christmas tree and hopefully will be decorating it up tonight.

I love Christmas trees.

I hope this is a good month.
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I just forced myself awake after a nice little series of nightmares that involved among many things: an invisible force pushing me down in my bed and getting barbed razor wire stuck in my fingers and my toes. I figured I'd catch a little bit more of nap, and this is what I get for my troubles. It was one of those dreams where you aren't quite sure if you're asleep or if you’re awake. Everything was tinted red, like my whole apartment was swimming in blood.

It was.... yeah. I still can't see straight. In my dream, all the snow had melted too, and it was like 90 degrees or something, but no, it's still snowing.

I hope my husband made it to work okay.

Stupid snow, stupid nightmares... damn, I feel like a drink, but I wonder, will that just make things worse?


Mar. 13th, 2006 08:30 am
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Between car and snow and roads, I have an unintental snow day. Fuck you Minnesota!
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Welcome to Minnesota, the state that can't make up it's mind. Yesterday it was fifty degrees, wonderfuly warm (for this part of the country) and though it may not have been a sunny day, you didn't need a coat and could go walking around in a tshirt. Yes, we do that here in fifty degree weather.

I wake up today, to three inches of snow.

I have to leave now, or I'll be late for work, I'm sure. As snow makes people drive like fucktards.


Also, this is my last few breaths of fresh air for awhile... ANTIFREEZE.

Wooo. Though, Chuck-chuck promises me we'll get it fixed this weekend, we better.


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