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And the winner is Naked Bank Robbers. You guys are all perverts and I love you all.

Here's a bit from the start! Remember, this is quantity over quality:

Like yours are any better, you're going to put someone's eye out. )
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Made it to work today. Going to get my tooth pulled, the apointment being at 11 tomorrow. Hopefully it will go okay.

I'm REALLY looking forward to what will be three days of spitting blood, but at least the tooth will be GONE and then I can get back to life as normal.

Either way, other than the pain that's poking through the pills, things are going moderately okay today. I'm getting a bit farther on chapter 2 of my dorky side project and I have XP logs going.

Everything else, I'll take a step at a time. :3

But yeah. Hoping to be able to work. And keep working. even tomorrow, after the tooth is pulled.
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At work, woo!

Still not feeling well, but I suppose I should be resigning to the fact that I'll never feel totally healthy again no matter what I do to try to get that way. Which seams a bit emo, but that's more acceptance than anything.

We're getting copies of Dad's cert. of death today. (These are also know as the 'croaking papers.') With that I get to skip in to my lovely foray of managing an estate.

Oh joy and rapture.

But moving on, I should write stuff. But I always say that. But on the other hand, I do like things to do. Hmm.

That and no one ever responds to my saying I'll do free drabbles. My writing isn't that bad.

Or purple. XD

But yeah. Stuff.

Blah. At least I'm at work. No lunch today, unless I want to deal with the milk that turned before the date on its carton and make oatmeal.
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Today, I've been trying to stay away from the drama bug (though I failed a couple of times, and I'm sorry x___x, the peep I'm apologizing too has already heard it once, but I'm saying it again and I don't mean it any less.) by watching some Naruto.

Also starting to cramp and the like, so that hasn't helped my mood. Nothing like period funtime. /tmi for the boys. But what I post here is without a doubt one of the BEST Naruto episodes. The backstory isn't so important in this one, but you do have to know that the main character is used as a living vessel for a Nine Tailed Demon Fox.

The rest of it? Ninja awesome.

Hope peeps enjoy this as much as I do.

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...well, it is!

Shut up, I know I'm a nerd.

Anyway, moving on. A t work, again. And given I have here two pictures, gifts from and am listening to a playlist that is 90% Dad-approved... yeah.

Stupid giving me most of my personality.

I might end up listening to my "spic" (I can say it, I'm part Mexican) music and J-pop all day just so I don't run into songs that hit the Dad button. The bad thing about having the same taste as one of your best friends, when he ups and dies just about everything you could possibly think of reminds you of him somehow.

I had to move my Loki toy off my desk.

Right now, I have Mecano on repeat. I don't care HOW I do it, at some point, I'd love to write something revolving around the lyrics for Hijo de la Luna. That song is so awesomely powerful.

I know I have to finish my Saito Hajime app for that one Kenshin game too, I have a bit of it done. Of course, that brings to mind Japanese culture which brings to mind Shougan, which brings to mind Dad...

...It's a never-ending cycle really.

Not even my penguins can save me.

I'm also up to my ears in files to be boxed, leaving me with a lot of free time, anyone want to distract me?
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Well, we got that ten or plus inches of snow they told us we were getting. Which is both good and bad. Good because, damn, I love snow. I love it HARD CORE.

Bad, because I want ice cream, and Chuck said that if I wanted ice cream so bad I could go out and put chocolate syrup on the snow, because he sure as hell wasn't driving for it, and I wasn't either.

It was also good because I got my Talia muse to grab Batman by the balls and TWIST. Hard. It shouldn't have been so fun to write a scene where Talia almost literally takes Bruce's love life, rips it shreds, drops it to the floor, stomps on it a few times and then looks up at him and smiles nicely.

She scares me. And I write her.

Lesse, Vivi is getting old enough to really understand now that Mommy is Sick. This has resulted in an influx of Vivi help.

Vivi help is anything from burying me under stuffed toys when I take a nap on the couch to trying to feed me when I'm eating dinner to thinking that she has to help me get dressed and ready to go to work.

Or this gem, the other day when I got home from work and started heading to the bathroom Vivi took off and headed me off there. I then heard, "Vivi help mama!" and went in to see her toilet seat on top of the closed toilet and Vivi looking at me expectantly.

She then pointed to the toilet seat and said, "Help mama." And when she talks, she sounds like LeeLoo from the Fifth Element. So it was like, "Hallllp Maaamaaa."

I should teach her how to say, "LeeLoo Davis Multipass" and be endlessly amused.

Either way, Chuck had to come in and get her out of the bathroom because part of her helping me was her not wanting to move so I could actually use the bathroom. x___x How she thinks this is helping, I'll never be quite sure.

In other good news, my app got accepted over at X-Project. Yay! Here's proof! Like I needed to provide proof...

Because of this [ profile] evil_wil_lex says I'm no longer allowed to say my writing sucks. I am now supposed to say "what I am working on does not live up to my [unreasonably high] standards." My standards aren't unreasonably high. :P I know you didn't say that exactly, Lex, but you have called my standards insanely unreasonable before.

I have a piece of tech writing to do for another game and I'm going to have to write my intro for the fairy tale game sometime next week too.

We have to hold off on a tree because of our lack of cash, but that's not what's important for Christmas, you know? I hope the next few years will be better. But yeah, things are what they are. Can't really do much about that.

So, that's about the long and short of it. I think I'll do a spammy writing post later and torture you all with something I found on an old, old harddrive that still is kicking.

My old emo poetry from my senior year of high school! Le gasp! From back when I started to get sick.

And no one believed me and told me I had "senioritis."

You know what? Most doctors suck hard core. But that's a different story.

I am drowning, there is no sign of land.
You are coming down with me, hand in unloveable hand."
<--Lyrics from the song playing right now. So awesome, yet so depressing... And the batteries just died on my Blue Tooth Mouse...

Oh well, I'll charge them.

Hahah! Song playing now is from the CD that my daughter will bow and worship as the object to which she owes her very existence!

Which reminds me, someday I have to go troll bars in Ames, IA and build a shrine at the pinball machine I owe my existence too...
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In case anyone feels like it: My wish list. Yeah, there's a lot of anime on there, I'm such a nerd. Well, not as much as there could be.

Also a lot of random stuff.

Boxes Ho!

Apr. 26th, 2006 07:10 am
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Well, starting tomorrow, I won't be around for a few days. Why, you ask? Moving, says I! I'll be on for a little bit tonight when I get home from work, but after my husband gets home we began the ALL NIGHT PACK.

(You can guess what that means we're doing.)

So yeah.

Stuff, stuff and more stuff.

With a monkey.


Oct. 14th, 2005 11:33 pm
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Well, in a half an hour it will be my wedding day.

I'm not nervous.

I'm not nervous.

Okay, I'm nervous.  I hope nothing goes wrong.  Got the flowers, they are pretty.  I need to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be, like the rings and suchs.  I hope it all goes okay.  I won't be on much the next few days. <3



They Suck.
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Well, only about half way done with the living room and taking a first break just so the dog can have some out time and I don't have to clean up around him.  Sorry I missed you [ profile] jai_.  I also find myself wonder what the fuck I'm going to do with all the shit Chuck's mom brings us.  I can't really throw it away, it would hurt her feelings, but I don't really have any room for it either.

Dealing with her is like an episode of "what the flying monkey fuck theater."

In other news: My rottwieler eats pennies.  No fooling.

You'd think we didn't feed him at all, the way he scarfs down anything he finds on the floor.  And now, he's destroying a toy chuck's mom gave him.  A Knuckles plushie.  Chuck isn't a Sonic fan... shows how much his mom knows... 'nother example: she brought him a card, a generic christain brithday card that said simply "God Loves You" and "Happy Birthday" on the inside.

And she didn't even take the time to sign her name.  I wanna kick her sometimes.

But that's mean.

In other news, using the templete [ profile] riomi had for my last layout, I fucked with graphics and kinda, sorta edited it to make my own.  I will be learning this slowly, but surely...

And be able to make my own layouts of doom.

Lemme know what you think!


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