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A virus has eaten my computer alive and I don't know when it will be fixed. This annoys the holy hell out of me. You think it'd be fixable, but no, I can't get it to start up long enough to uninstall the offending program or do a system restore.

I'm going to loose all my music, art, pictures, spliced logs...

...I had some things backed up, but a lot of things I didn't.

I hate when you get a computer and they don't put the stupid disk in with everything. What's the difference between basic and premium for home, anyway? Because that's the only disk I have. T__T


Jun. 6th, 2009 05:30 pm
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A rundown of the last few days:

-Broke off half of my wisdom tooth in back. Root is exposed. Dentist is out of town at a convention. They gave me pain pills and anti-biotics, but the pain pills come and go.

-Been tired, drugged and sick. x___x The vicodin they gave me has more narcotics in it than any I've ever seen.

-Today, got a call from Ad's boss. Ad (younger brother - age 21) is in the ER. He woke up, stood up, and then collapsed on the floor, only to be found by his boss about two hours later. He's awake and talking, but is unable to use his legs or stand under his own power. Chuck is with him right now. :( I don't want to lose another family member, so I'm now pretty damn worried.

There's some good news floating out there, but not much. I didn't lose my job over internet usage, it hasn't been an issue since I started closing windows. But yeah. Bad weekend. Really drugged.
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Dad's been taken off the machines.

So now, it's only a matter of time. Still doesn't seem right. Dad shouldn't be dead.


Jan. 26th, 2009 04:59 pm
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DX is closing!

The reason is here:

I can't believe people! I mean Jesus, it's a fucking satire site. You don't like the shirt? Don't fucking buy it. But Don't threaten the guy and his employees!
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And I mean the weather type, not the sick in bed type.

It was -30F this morning when I went to work. So cold that the switch for the lights on the car was frozen for the first few miles of driving.

Though I got a funny story today about one of my co-workers. After having heard on the radio that if your car doesn't start because of the cold you're supposed to heat up the engine block, he went a boiled a pot of water. And then he took that boiling water outside and threw it over the hood of his car, where, in the -25ish temps the water froze instantly and was accompanied by loud cracking noises. Presumably parts of his engine block. His car is no longer in the land of the living.

I shouldn't be laughing at him, but it's so stupid that I feel obliged. I mean, he grew up here. He should KNOW better.


Dec. 31st, 2008 10:30 am
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Well, made it to work today. However, Work Will is leaving early which shoots down my plan of kidnapping him for lunch.

I want to punch someone here too, she sits at a distance that's impossible to hear my music from and complained to my boss saying, "When I moved, I prayed I wouldn't have to hear her music anymore, but now it's even louder."

She sits two, three cubes down the way.

First off, come to me. Secondly? You're hearing someone else's fucking music, you moron.

Third, I need it to drown you idiots out and make it through the day without percosetting myself half to death to glaze over you, work!Charles' and Shelia's talks about the END OF TIMES. And how people who aren't true Christian are heading to hell.

Which to you guys includes everyone BUT you guys. I passage comes to mind whenever you guys get going... what is it? Oh yeah, take the damn splinter out of your own eyes first.

Yeah, I'm angry.

I'm still hurting though, so that's part of the reason. Today I was reminded everyone living in Minnesota is functionally insane as it was -14 below when I went to work.

Cold enough to freeze my hands through my mittens, and to really, really make your face freeze that way if you're dumb enough to go out with it wet.

I wanna nap. And that is all. At least I have tomorrow off. Yay offness!
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This morning sucked. On my way to my doctor's, a guy decided to stay stopped at a green light and I hit him. Mind you, I was only going about thirty miles an hour, but this totaled the front of my car while it just nicked his.

And what happens next? The guy behind us pulls into the other lane almost hitting someone else to get around me and the guy in front of me, literally the second my bumper touched his hits the gas and goes squealing away at top speed.

So me, being the good little citizen that I am, drove to the gas station less than a block away to try to use the phone to report the accident. The guy working the desk makes the 'just one minute sign' and then proceeds to ignore me for ten minutes.

Literally. After that I figured 'fuck it' and made it to my doctor's office and called there, the Officer I finally ended up talking to after my appointment told me I wouldn't be in trouble for leaving the scene, since the other guy left first and I did call.

But we found out we have NO collision coverage, so we won't be able to get our car fixed. Funny story: the car runs better now.


In other news, my kidneys are looking good enough that my next appointment is a year out, baring a medical emergency.

And in other good news, there was a federal extension of twenty weeks for UI insurance, so we'll have that bit of extra and that's always a good thing.

But gah. Long/Bad day.


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