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At work. Chuck came over with Vivi. Showed her off to the office and then went to lunch. I'm back. Drew two pictures last night, will art dump one of them later. And only one as I haven't heard from the recipient (or victim?) of the other one. >__>

Paranoia score right now is 9.5. All "why aren't people talking to me" and "omg everyone must hate me." Not to mention still feeling like a total and complete idiot/asshole. I could use a place to hide. And sleep.

Lack of sleep isn't helping. Maybe two hours last night? Pain is hard to sleep through.

...Everyone is talking fashion and I feel so lost.

I'm exhausted and yeah.

This has been the five minute update.
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Okay, this post is pure brain rotting fluff. Chuck bought me a kitten. We named him Ash. We were going to call him Soot, but whenever Vi said that it came out like 'Shit.' So Ash. He pretty much is mine. Hangs out with me and all that fun stuff.

Pics are under the cut.

Also featured today, a drawing Vivi did of Zoey, or other cat.


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Vivi drew another picture awhile ago and I just now finally got it uploaded. It's a snowman. She told us that's what it was, and I'm sharing it with all of you because, you know, mah baby.

Snowman! )


Apr. 3rd, 2009 01:19 am
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I've been really, really sick the last week. I'm just now starting to get better. Means I'll likely be out work tomorrow but back full swing on Monday. This has been the cold from HELL. So yeah, sick as a dog and out an entire week. Lupus+Cold = Pwnd

But in other baby related news look under the cut for AWESOME!

Vivi Drew This )
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Here's Vivi, talking and being cute.

"How old are you?" "I TWO!"


Feb. 17th, 2009 12:31 pm
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Well, at work again. My goal is not to miss anymore for the rest of the month, so we'll see how that goes.

Hopefully I can do it. Though things would be easier if over the counter pain killers worked for me, but I'll tough it out.

Still missing Dad horribly. I'm half tempted to take the picture of him I have at my cube down. (I did have to move some of my toys... it was all too much.) But given he's grinning and stuff and yeah, he looks happy, so I'll leave him up. Stupid Dad.

Anyway! Moving on to something less depressing (though I reserve the right to be emo 'bout Dad for a few months at least) Vivi is doing good, I have to make her two year appointment. She's been having a good time and generally being a good kid.

I took some pictures of her being a ham last night. All you have to do is pick up the camera and she'll run in front of you and start screaming CHEESE! at the top of her lungs.

She also demands to see her photos right away. She's such a ham. But it's okay because she's cute. Given she spent half of last night strutting around going, "I CUTE!" it's a fact she knows very well.

She's talking a lot better too, and it gives us some insight into her brain. (What little insight there is to that girl's silly.) But listening to her babble while she plays is just awesome.

And in my daughter's world, ducks eat pizza and the animals hide in the silo to get away from the car that is after them. Trufax.

I'd love to be a kid again. XD

Had my lab work done today, so far stuff is coming back normal. The high end of normal in many cases, but normal. I know my SED rates are going to be through the roof right now, but that's a different story.

Oh, and I'll say it again, for those of you who were in on the gift basket (you know who you are) thanks a ton.
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I am so completely and totally exhausted right now. Like beyond the realm of normal. Hence, I am at home. :/

It's also Vivi's birthday today.

Hopefully I will feel up to flashing lights, pizza and games for tonight.

I'm so very ouching and tired right now. The stress of the last couple days has finally caught up with me. Apparently with me extreme stress = lupus flare.

No new news on Dad right now.
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Vivi got sick last night, taking food poisoning out of the equation of things that could've been making Chuck and I sick.

We were up to three in the morning trying to coax her to throw up in the bucket we had instead of just anywhere. I think she might have thought the bucket was making her vomit by the end of the night.


All three of us slept out in the living room. I am so dead on my feet right now. I can barely keep my eyes open, even with caffeination.

Long day ahead.
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I think Vivi just read something.

Long story short, she has flash cards for numbers. She knows her numbers, 1-10 by sight and can count up to twenty now (and has figured out 21, 22... I've heard up to 23 before she starts getting out of order). One of these flash card has pictures of blocks on it. Three blocks a row and they read.


She came running up to me with the card, pointing to the word in the middle and saying, "Itsa Doggy! Doggy goes arf arf! Arf arf, Mommy!"

I looked over, expecting to see a picture of a dog on the card (some of them do have animals on them) to see her pointing at the middle row. The row that said 'dog' grinning ear to ear.

If that was reading? She has almost two years on me, since she's not quite two and I didn't start reading until I was around four.
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So, at work today. Which blows goats in and of itself. Also having a hard time breathing but after consult with my private nurse (i.e.: Mom, who is indeed a nurse) we figured it was pretty much nothing to worry about. My inflammation levels are through the roof with this flare and it might just be I have some fluid hanging out around my lungs.

Which is, in and of itself, not really surprising. Or very dangerous. Just... uncomfortable. Like someone's squeezing my chest a bit too tight and won't let up.

I also just got fried for wearing a bandanna at work as right now headbands and hair ties hurt like all hell. I can't stress how much both of them hurt. Even the bandanna hurts, but not nearly as bad. They said without a religious reason for it, I can't wear it. :/

I was tempted to point out that only recently in our history did it become okay for a woman to show off her hair in public, as it used to be considered the property of her husband. And that it used to be considered very rude/low class to NOT wear a hat in public. Even at work.

But whatever. I'll bite the bullet and tie my hair back during lunch on the bad days and hope it doesn't hurt too much.

In other news, Vivi liked her Christmas presents. She got a play kitchen a lot of play food and various clothes.

Hee, my Step-dad got her a Spider-Man hoody. People may mistake her for a boy but her Dad and I think it's the greatest thing ever! After all, Spider-Man!

I only got a pair of pants, but a lot of the gift giving is going to have to wait until after Christmas. Things being what they are.

So that's about it for today's ramble. And stuff.
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Pictures of the kidlet under the cut!

She's the hammiest ham that ever hammed. [ profile] wonder_boi, be proud of the kidlet who you are totally the God Diva of. :D

Baby Madness! )

My daughter, the ham.
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Well, we got that ten or plus inches of snow they told us we were getting. Which is both good and bad. Good because, damn, I love snow. I love it HARD CORE.

Bad, because I want ice cream, and Chuck said that if I wanted ice cream so bad I could go out and put chocolate syrup on the snow, because he sure as hell wasn't driving for it, and I wasn't either.

It was also good because I got my Talia muse to grab Batman by the balls and TWIST. Hard. It shouldn't have been so fun to write a scene where Talia almost literally takes Bruce's love life, rips it shreds, drops it to the floor, stomps on it a few times and then looks up at him and smiles nicely.

She scares me. And I write her.

Lesse, Vivi is getting old enough to really understand now that Mommy is Sick. This has resulted in an influx of Vivi help.

Vivi help is anything from burying me under stuffed toys when I take a nap on the couch to trying to feed me when I'm eating dinner to thinking that she has to help me get dressed and ready to go to work.

Or this gem, the other day when I got home from work and started heading to the bathroom Vivi took off and headed me off there. I then heard, "Vivi help mama!" and went in to see her toilet seat on top of the closed toilet and Vivi looking at me expectantly.

She then pointed to the toilet seat and said, "Help mama." And when she talks, she sounds like LeeLoo from the Fifth Element. So it was like, "Hallllp Maaamaaa."

I should teach her how to say, "LeeLoo Davis Multipass" and be endlessly amused.

Either way, Chuck had to come in and get her out of the bathroom because part of her helping me was her not wanting to move so I could actually use the bathroom. x___x How she thinks this is helping, I'll never be quite sure.

In other good news, my app got accepted over at X-Project. Yay! Here's proof! Like I needed to provide proof...

Because of this [ profile] evil_wil_lex says I'm no longer allowed to say my writing sucks. I am now supposed to say "what I am working on does not live up to my [unreasonably high] standards." My standards aren't unreasonably high. :P I know you didn't say that exactly, Lex, but you have called my standards insanely unreasonable before.

I have a piece of tech writing to do for another game and I'm going to have to write my intro for the fairy tale game sometime next week too.

We have to hold off on a tree because of our lack of cash, but that's not what's important for Christmas, you know? I hope the next few years will be better. But yeah, things are what they are. Can't really do much about that.

So, that's about the long and short of it. I think I'll do a spammy writing post later and torture you all with something I found on an old, old harddrive that still is kicking.

My old emo poetry from my senior year of high school! Le gasp! From back when I started to get sick.

And no one believed me and told me I had "senioritis."

You know what? Most doctors suck hard core. But that's a different story.

I am drowning, there is no sign of land.
You are coming down with me, hand in unloveable hand."
<--Lyrics from the song playing right now. So awesome, yet so depressing... And the batteries just died on my Blue Tooth Mouse...

Oh well, I'll charge them.

Hahah! Song playing now is from the CD that my daughter will bow and worship as the object to which she owes her very existence!

Which reminds me, someday I have to go troll bars in Ames, IA and build a shrine at the pinball machine I owe my existence too...

Iron Baby!!

Oct. 4th, 2008 10:21 am
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We're watching Iron Man.

Vivi is watching it with us. Her reactions are really cute.

After Iron Man escapes and falls into the dessert Vivi said, "Uh oh, fall down! Okay?"

"Yes honey, he's okay."

"Fall down! Okay?!"

"Yes, Vivi. Okay."

Iron Man stands up, "DADA!" (her word for anyone when she sees them the first time for some strange reason, "OKAY!"

And when Iron Man flies, she flaps her arms and then claps. God, this is so cute.
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Still in kind of a blah mood. Hubby is napping, I think the baby just woke up and work seriously tried to kill me.

Top that up with a bad night last night (I woke up about 1AM curled up in a little ball on the couch, hurray emo fits) and a hell of a day at work today complete and topped with a fair amount of pain and we have a mood that I'd rather not replicate.

I thought today I'd go to the Source, one of my Three Places I go and get myself another one of the figures to cheer me up.

No luck. All gone. Stupid Limited Editions meaning both limited in number and time of sale. I wanted a fucking Quicksilver and a couple other random mutants.

Instead, I got Yuyu Hakusho volume 2 and three, House of M: Civil War 1 & 2. (Red, there are pages in 1 I totally, totally HAVE to scan for you later.) And Runaways Vol 3, No 2.

(I swear to god I can type.)

Spoilers )

Vivi's up now and is describing her situation to me. "Baby cry. Baby cry hard. Baby up." And now, "Elmo! That that!"

I have no idea what she's saying other than 'Elmo.'

I wanna write something but I have no idea what.
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There's a bunch of random stuff to cover here. The last few days have been kind of hectic. Chuck got his back pay of his SSI and finally is getting an old tatt on his arm covered up. He's going full sleeve with a Cthulu/Mindflayer tattoo that will be pretty bad ass.

I love ink. I wish I could still get ink... well, I could, but it would take forever to heal. I just spent about a day and a half figuring out what was wrong with my portable hard drive. Ends up windows doesn't like giving drives letters above F. Even though it can. So I renamed the Portable Hard Drive G, and now it works just fine. I'm transferring my music over to it now, it will take about twenty minutes. Compare this to five hours to transfer it to the External on the network. Ahh, USB.

I started reading Witchblade comics again, and a cross over reminded me of exactly why I dropped that title, but more on that later!

I got three things to share with people. Baby photos, icons (I think you'll like these, [ profile] candidgamera) and my thoughts on the few comics I have read. Not to mention a couple of plot rundowns for novels that I'm trying to rework the characters for.

First things first!

Vivi will Kill you with Cute! )

And Next.... some of my old, old icons. I'm going to have to get rid of a few that I don't use anymore to use a couple of these.... Excel Saga Icons...and other old ones )

Witchblade: Or why I gave up on TopCow Once Upon a Time )
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Vivi's first word is "up." Said, "uhhhhhpah."

Not "mommy." Not "daddy."


Most kids go mama or dada first. Not up...

Then again, this is a kid who hates laying down. Who will not peacefully go to sleep no matter what.

So, I guess it kind of makes sense that her first real word is 'up.'

Still... up?

However, first word at seven months, how cool is that?


Jun. 17th, 2007 11:34 am
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Got a lot to vent about but no time to write so most likely a massive FO post later. In the mean time, who ever is interested in a mass of Vivi pictures (and I do mean mass -180 MBs worth) click here.


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