Nov. 17th, 2012 02:16 am
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Well, first post to the dreamwidth version of this journal, so let's see how well this works and if this cross posts. First off, the changes in weather are really messing with me. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. When Chuck took me out for lunch earlier today I was crying in the car because it hurt so bad.

People in SWTOR today managed to make me feel like shit for looking for a tank for a group. I do think there is something wrong with me when it comes to interacting with other people, I just can't do it. I also haven't written a word in days and I think my inbox may be eating messages as well, so yeah.

I want to interact with people but I have no idea how to fucking do it. I just fail at this type of stuff and I can't help but to think back on the people who went out of their way to tell me how unwelcome I was in places and wonder if they were right.

I think I'm going to curl up in my corner for awhile. My corner is warm and has M&Ms.
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Damn I'm tired. Like mega hyper tired. Like I should totally be sleeping right now tired. Like my brain is fried on overtime tired.

You wanna know what I miss? Rping with friends over aim. you remember the toast? THE TOAST?! Xd Among others.. I have so many aim rps just stopped in the middle that I wish I could poke people into doing again. Jai~! Toast! Yeah, more than that one, but I read that one the other day... and the line "I love you skateboard" and the line "Ooh, Toast" are both now stuck in my head.

TOAST!~!!!! Powdered TOAST MAN!



Why the hell am I still awake?

Oh yes, I figured it out. If I were to have one super power, any one at all, I'd take the power to walk on ceilings... So, when people are going about their merry on the floor you can weird them out by skipping on the ceiling. It would make opening the fridge a real bitch though. I couldn't reach it, and would be denied the love of food. And, if I managed to open the freezer, how would I get the waffles therein to the toaster? And then, how would I get them out? I would have to jump. Jump to the toaster, but I'd be stuck to the ceiling! Good god! What the hell is wrong with me, what a fucking stupid power. I relinquish my ceiling walking anti-waffle power for the power to command large groups of squirrels to stare at [ profile] falnedn. How do you like them apples?

Also, a thought. Why do organizations of villains always call themselves things like "The League of Evil Badasses" and are then surprised when the heroes show up? It goes like this:

"Oh, Captain Stuff Man! How did you know that we, The League of Evil Badasses were here plotting your doom!"

"Isn't it obvious Lord McEvil Toast? I found you in THE WHITE PAGES!"

"*Gasp*" Lord McEvil Toast takes a dramatic step back, "I knew we shouldn't have advertised there!"

"Oh, but it was such a nice add. And I found your call center employees extremely helpful," Says Captain Stuff Man.

"You think so? There's this one girl in the third shift that's a bit of a sarcastic twa- HEY! Why are you even here, it's outside of business hours!"

Captain Stuff Man checks his watch, his face falls, "Aww, god damnit. How's noon tomorrow, Lord McEvil Toast?"

"No good, I gotta derail a train of orphans."

"Oh. I see. Three then?"

"Three works."

"See you tomorrow, wait... ORPHANS? DERAIL?"

Lord McEvil Toast squees away carried on the winds of doom!

Will Captain Stuff Man be in time to save a train full of squealing Orphan doom? Will Lord McEvil Toast ever learn not to put his hide out's number in the white pages? Tune in Next Time on another thrilling episode of LORD OF THE EVIL TOASTER! A show about nothing that will never be on again!


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