Jan. 9th, 2010 10:26 pm
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Well, a few updates. My work's claim that I was lazy and not sick was dismissed. The judge sounded less than impressed. He ruled in the first case that I was indeed ill and could therefore receive Unemployment.

But at the hearing, my work failed to appear, saying they got no notice.

The judge was not impressed.

Their claim was dismissed.

In other news, I am roasting a chicken tomorrow. Anyone have any recommendations for vegetables to be put in it?

Oh, I also made a music video today:


Nov. 23rd, 2009 05:43 pm
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I got fired today.

Anyone who has my work address for anything stop using it and/or take it off their lists.

Now, I'm going to go curl up and wish I were dead.
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Hurty and at work for another hour. Stuck driving Chuck's car. Do not like Chuck's car.

Wish I had something more than tylenol. That'd be nice. So very nice.

At least I'm at work.
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HR, bending the rules they normally run by, has agreed to change my work schedule. It will be a cut in hours, but on the flip side, I will actually be able to GET TO WORK.

The new schedule is 10-5, Monday through Friday with a thirty minute break, starting tomorrow.

Sometimes it's nice being the best at going over legalese. This should help me not only get back on my feet money wise, but get my grove back as per other things like RP, writing and the like. It's hard to feel inspired to do much of anything when you're at home all the time.

But anyway, yay!

Now I just have to steel myself to put up with work!Will's bullshit tomorrow. Not really looking forward tot hat.
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This makes Jo sad. Very, very sad.

Jo is also a very, very tired Jo today, though she came into work anyway. Anyone want to help keep me awake? T___T

Talkings? Logs? Hamsters? *falls over ded*

Even with enough sleep I'm still exhausted.


May. 6th, 2009 12:34 pm
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Well, I managed to clean myself into a fibro fit last night. I came home, Chuck promptly left for his martial arts class and took Vivi to her babysitter and I cleaned like a mad woman.

The result? I'm home today, hurting like hell.

Yesterday at work was pretty interesting, though. One of the managers (the one who pushed the panic buttons to 'see what they sounded like') tried to get me fired for browsing X-Project on my lunch. At first he thought it was facebook. I explained that no, it is not face book. It's like a writing message board. The thing is he didn't come over and ask quietly, he stood about four feet from my desk and loudly said, "WHY JO, I HOPE THAT ISN'T FACE BOOK!" and everyone turned and looked.

I looked back at him and calmly explained, "No, it's a writing group and message board. Mark," my immediate supervisor, "has already cleared it."

"WELL I DON'T THINK THAT'S OKAY!" he said, and ran off to check with Mark as I was just there headdesking and work!Will reminded me that Martin (or Marteeeeeeeeeeeeen as he likes to be called - I don't think he has a right to be that as he has no accent mark and is NOT Mexican, but Danish/German/American Mutt) is a few cards short of a hand.

About five minutes later (and I could hear Mark ripping him a new one for these five minutes) he comes over, stands right next to me and quietly apologizes.

I was so tempted to go, "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" But I really don't think it was worth it.

But work was hell yesterday. And I'm ouching bad now.

At work!

Apr. 30th, 2009 10:35 am
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Can you believe it? I'm actually at work. I'm feeling decent enough today. I'm still hurting, still in pain, but it's not the bone splitting madness that it was earlier this week.

I should write things. And catch up on posts - on my lunch for the latter, I think. But yeah.


Yay for having a not being a total painball!


Right now, I will totally take any and all offers for rp writing too, since when I'm not in bone splitting pain I can actually think. Imagine that, being able to think.
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I'm hovering somewhere between 'fine' and 'depressed.' I have twenty dollars for the next two weeks, bills coming due and yeah.

We sent off the affidavit of beneficiary for Dad's last check and his bonus. It will be split three ways. Of course, we have no idea how long this will take and how long it will be. So, things are going to be interesting for awhile.

Chuck wants me to go on disability. I really don't want to. Then what would I do? Sit around all day and soak up my pain? Fuck no. It's not like his bio-polar disorder where it's bad enough to distrupt how you react to things sometimes...

It's not the same freaking thing. Chuck says I have too much pride. *sigh*

I don't know how we're going to get through the next few days. But I'll send Chuck to the food shelf for that... if we can get stuff like that... the rest of my money can go to gas. :/

I... am thinking of getting a new job. I love my job but if I could get something like at comcast with the pay being a bit more and a night-ish shift... that might be a bit easier for me? Maybe.

I want to try to get another job, but there's no way I could hold two jobs.

What I would love to do would be to go back to school, but I don't see that ever happening.

I miss Dad too... that's making me sick. It's amazing how much stress can fuck with both the lupus and the fibro. To the point where it hurts to wear clothes. The other peeps on my Flist who deal with this know just what I'm talking about.

I was going to say something else, but one, I can't remember what it was and two I don't want to worry anyone. The fits of just staring off into nothing are getting worse.

I want to try to write some of my original stuff before my brains go down the tubes completely. But I... can't stand my own writing. It's like it's missing something... Nothing ever seems right to me. I worry about my RP writing too, if it's up to snuff.

And now I'm just rambling. Long story short: I'm broke, paranoid, self loathing, slightly depressed and in pain.

I want to hear Dad use the line from Big Trouble in Little China once more. Just once more. Since he always adapted it to us...

Fang, you were not put on this Earth to get it.

Ah Dad. I really don't get it. So you, and that creepy old Chinese guy, were right.
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At work. And tired. The meds don't change that. Whenever I'm awake I'm exhausted.

But yeah. At work. Hurting a lot today, my right elbow keeps going off and it feels like someone hitting my funny bone. Which is not fun. My fingers and my shoulders are also bugging me, but yeah.

Someone, please keep me awake at this hell hole?

Also, note: Must Kill Work Will. He volunteered me for moving to these new desks with him.

These new desks are not cubes.

They are tables by a wall. Wide open and stupid. I am not happy. Where will all my super heroes go? I will set up Black Bolt to be staring right at him.

Because, grrr.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 10:37 am
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Well, made it to work for the first time in five days. I'm exhausted and I had to take a percoset on account of the my wonderful girly-times, but I'm here.

I'm trying not to fall asleep and wondering what to do for lunch, or if it's even going to be safe for me to drive to go get something.

The picture of Dad I have here is grinning at me. I miss him.

I need to get more comics posters or something. Or maybe I'll pay and get some color prints done of some art and pictures and stuffs. That'd be cool.

I'm going to try to write some stuff on lunch, but we'll see how that goes.

Right now, I'm just glad I made it to work. Anyone who wants to help keep me awake is more than welcome.
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Though no surprise to my husband I will be at home today.

I effectively can't see right now (even with my glasses on) without my glasses my eyes are actually producing glare and I can't blink back into focus so driving equals no.

Couple that with feeling like I've been stomach punched a few dozen times and that I can't get a deep breath in and yeah.

Not going anywhere.

As soon as I hear back from my email I'm falling back in bed.

If any of the words in this post are insanely unreadable it's because I'm not bothering with my glasses. They're not making much of a difference right now anyway. So, typing by feel. Ah, positioning dots on a keyboard. Somedays, you are my bestest friend.
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Well, made it to work. Exhausted and achy, but feeling a bit better than yesterday.

Of course, the test is to see if I make it until five. After talking with mom, she thinks the stomach bug or whatever it was I had is the culprit for this 'bout of almost-deadness.

I suppose it makes sense. When your immune system is shot both due to over-activity against the wrong things and drugs a little bug could indeed knock me over. As this proves.

Well, now starts the struggle to stay awake!
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Well, at work. I don't know if this is the BEST of ideas or anything, but I really can't afford to be missing day after day.

Hell, I really couldn't afford missing yesterday, but I think all my co-workers can appreciate staying home as so not to vomit all over the office and the like.

Either way, feeling a bit better today. Kinda queasy, but I have meds for that if it gets TOO bad.

Trying to spork my Dad into a lunch or something, he went to see my Grandma Monna, the crazy German one, who turned 80 this week. She's been dying for years. I learned the fine art of not listening to people from forced phone conversations with Grandma Monna. I find it funny Dad put himself out to go down and visit her when the last time he went to, she told him bluntly that he was the reason her marriage and her life went to hell.

Personally, I think that bit has more to do with the fact that Grandpa Christensen was an abusive asshole, but, what do I know, right?

Either way, the crazy-German Grandma still lives. I should write her, though I wonder if I'll get back a ten page email about how she'll be dead tomorrow. :/

Also! Peeps I owe things in games, let me know here so I can start getting caught up on pings? I know I've managed to fall behind... so let me know and I'll start getting back on top of it. (I hope.)


Jan. 14th, 2009 10:30 am
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Well, made it into work late today - people around here forget how to drive once the temp drops below zero, I swear.

So, tired - the soul numbing fatigue - and still working, because yeah, working. Will order out for lunch, because I'm not wandering back out in that cold.

Lesse... last night, I finally got to watch Everything is Illuminated all the way through. The ending had me sobbing. I've only seen bits and pieces of it thus far when Adam had shown them off to me, and he's been shoving it at me since it came out. Both of us have a thing for Holocaust history, and it is by far one of the best movie's I've seen. Even more so since it does it from the stand point of the grandkids, and not the people itself.

A good way to show that it was the type of thing that changed generations, and not just affected a small group of people.

Red, you should check the movie out; I think your Max muse would like it.

But yeah, the end of it and the description of what happened to that town had my husband and me in tears.

...Then we watched the deleted scenes and were rolling on the floor laughing. The worst being the dog, Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. fantasizing about Elijah Wood's character, Jonathon. It was... funny, yet so very, very wrong.

In other news, I'm kicking around a loose idea for a Fallout board/RP com. Very loose, so far all I know about it is that I'd likely have it be set in what's left of the Chicago area and have a hermit in the big downtown library... And that's all my brain has.

In other other news, I'm still exhausted. :/
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There may well be a rebellion here. No one, and I mean no one, was paid for either Christmas or New Years, two company wide holidays.

That, and I didn't get Christmas Eve on my check either.

There are a lot of Not Happy people right here at the moment.

On closer inspection some people are blaming the insurance.

But I know I'm at least a day short (if not more.)


Dec. 31st, 2008 10:30 am
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Well, made it to work today. However, Work Will is leaving early which shoots down my plan of kidnapping him for lunch.

I want to punch someone here too, she sits at a distance that's impossible to hear my music from and complained to my boss saying, "When I moved, I prayed I wouldn't have to hear her music anymore, but now it's even louder."

She sits two, three cubes down the way.

First off, come to me. Secondly? You're hearing someone else's fucking music, you moron.

Third, I need it to drown you idiots out and make it through the day without percosetting myself half to death to glaze over you, work!Charles' and Shelia's talks about the END OF TIMES. And how people who aren't true Christian are heading to hell.

Which to you guys includes everyone BUT you guys. I passage comes to mind whenever you guys get going... what is it? Oh yeah, take the damn splinter out of your own eyes first.

Yeah, I'm angry.

I'm still hurting though, so that's part of the reason. Today I was reminded everyone living in Minnesota is functionally insane as it was -14 below when I went to work.

Cold enough to freeze my hands through my mittens, and to really, really make your face freeze that way if you're dumb enough to go out with it wet.

I wanna nap. And that is all. At least I have tomorrow off. Yay offness!
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So, at work today. Which blows goats in and of itself. Also having a hard time breathing but after consult with my private nurse (i.e.: Mom, who is indeed a nurse) we figured it was pretty much nothing to worry about. My inflammation levels are through the roof with this flare and it might just be I have some fluid hanging out around my lungs.

Which is, in and of itself, not really surprising. Or very dangerous. Just... uncomfortable. Like someone's squeezing my chest a bit too tight and won't let up.

I also just got fried for wearing a bandanna at work as right now headbands and hair ties hurt like all hell. I can't stress how much both of them hurt. Even the bandanna hurts, but not nearly as bad. They said without a religious reason for it, I can't wear it. :/

I was tempted to point out that only recently in our history did it become okay for a woman to show off her hair in public, as it used to be considered the property of her husband. And that it used to be considered very rude/low class to NOT wear a hat in public. Even at work.

But whatever. I'll bite the bullet and tie my hair back during lunch on the bad days and hope it doesn't hurt too much.

In other news, Vivi liked her Christmas presents. She got a play kitchen a lot of play food and various clothes.

Hee, my Step-dad got her a Spider-Man hoody. People may mistake her for a boy but her Dad and I think it's the greatest thing ever! After all, Spider-Man!

I only got a pair of pants, but a lot of the gift giving is going to have to wait until after Christmas. Things being what they are.

So that's about it for today's ramble. And stuff.


Dec. 16th, 2008 10:47 am
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Blargh. Mega-hella-tired today. There's something about this bone numbing fatigue that comes with my illness that is just soul crushing. I really would rather be at home right now curled up under layers and layers of blankets.

Of course, if people let me get away with it, I could likely sleep like 15 hours a day. *__*

So, here I am at work. :/ Have to write a couple things up today and hope I'm awake enough for them to make sense. I'll start one on my break when I'm hopefully hoped up on enough pop to get away with it.

Still haven't heard back on the X-Project app, but it was a huge app to a huge game, so I'll keep telling myself that so far no news is good news.

In other news, I really should finish the following...

Fanfic for Greek Mythology? OMGWTF! )


Dec. 10th, 2008 08:12 am
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Two hours of sleep.

At work.

Today is going to SUCK.
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At work right now, and wracked, just wracked with pain. And not just any pain, full body muscle spasm pain. Pulled out the percoset and we'll see how that works, but I can barely type right now, and from my head to my toes my muscles keep tensing up and just... hurting. Randomly.

I'm also stuck next to someone who thinks "conversate" is a real verb and even happily conjugate it into "conversating."

And I got to hear ALL about her man troubles today. Oh joy and rapture.

In other news, last night Dad and I had fun nerdlike conversations. We've decided that Mohinder's power is progressive stupidity and that a drunken monkey with a stick has an unfair advantage against Mohinder (the stick!) and such.

Talking online to a friend I also found out that a game I submitted an app to about a year ago was upset that I was never able to revise it to play... this makes me have warm fuzzies. Because I always ♥ feedback. Of course, right after I had put in that app, I kept up ending up in the hospital 'cause of the lupus.

Hell, my health isn't anywhere near perfect now, but it's a lot better than it was last year, so I'm going to give it another go. We'll see how well this goes.

That’s about all I have.

Have a happy turkey day tomorrow peeps. ♥


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