Aug. 22nd, 2013

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So, I am back from the great Jocation. It was fun. I got to spend time with people and had less of an excuse to be a total recluse. I'm exhausted as all fuck now, but in other good news Raevn, my stepdaughter, will be spending the year with us, and hopefully more. Yay!

In things that I hate, I lost a tooth, one of the front ones, and got a replacement for it. It's really hard to explain how much it bothers me, like literally one of my worst fears. I guess that makes me kind of crazy for even bringing it up. :/ But I am now the Great Toothless Hag.

I've also started to get back in to fic writing. And writing in general. And gaming.

It's really hard to explain the complete kick-in-the-stomach reaction I've had to these things the last few years. It's like staring down Godzilla with a feather duster for a weapon. It doesn't always go well, but I am trying.

I've been working on a couple of dragon age fics, and mostly one with my Amell warden and Alistair and their relationship kind of falling apart. It's getting really long in the first chapter, so I'm kind of looking for good places to break it. I think I got to a good place, but I don't know?

Anyway, it's at the bottom here if anyone wants to read it. Feedback would mean a lot... and I even feel bad asking for that. :/ After all it's pretty long and stuff, and so far we have Alistair, Leliana, Zevran, Morrigan and Arl Eamon. Oh, and a streaking dwarf. And 8k + words. >__< I hope it's good.

Alistair, there isn’t a prince in the whole of creation that takes off his own armor. )


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