Jun. 4th, 2013 11:49 am
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Yesterday, I got the best news I've gotten in a very, very long while. Those of you who have known me and followed me for years or even have started recently might be aware of my long battle with the courts in order to get on disability for my lupus and fibro, both of which keep me from working.

I know they do because while this case was underway, I even tried to hold down a job and ended up catching every little bug that came through the office and got pink eye three times. There's nothing quite like having a compromised immune system.

So, yesterday, when a letter showed up on my porch I was almost afraid to open it. In fact, the first thing I saw when I opened the letter was the appeal information and I was almost crushed right there. Then I looked up a bit and saw Notice of Decision - Fully Favorable. I called my lawyer's office and they confirmed they had gotten the letter too and it meant what I thought it did. My social security had been approved by the Judge. My years long legal battle with the government in having to "prove" that I'm sick is over!

And not just that, the decision states my disability started back in 2009 - I was told to expect that at most it would only go back a year or so. For the judge to reach it back that far is almost totally unheard of. This means once they figure out how much I'm getting a month, my back payments will go back to November 2009.

There's some amazing legal take down of the State's "experts" in the judge's decision. The take down was a thing of beauty, but I'm not going to transcribe the letter here.

With this off my shoulders I should hopefully be around more. Not having to stress out about my court case is... I feel a bit better already. Not suddenly and magically healthy, obviously. I hurt like hell today. But mentally in a bit better place!


Chuck and I did some math last night and before the lawyers fees, if the 880 I was originally quoted still stands, we're looking somewhere around 36000. I can't even.


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